• 27-MAR-2017

CASE CX490C hydraulic crawler excavator wins the Award of China Top 50 Annual Products of Construction Machinery.


On March 27th, 2017, the most valuable and influential award ceremony of “Top 50 Annual Products of Construction Machinery” in the Chinese construction machinery industry was held in Beijing. Over 200 guests from relevant ministries and commissions, associations, manufacturing enterprises, users and news media participated in the ceremony. By virtue of outstanding fuel efficiency, remarkable product performance and excellent market performance, the CASE CX490C hydraulic crawler excavator won the Gold Award of Top 50 Annual Products of Construction Machinery.

As the representative of “thinking” excavators of CASE C series, the CX490C excavator not only has the high reliability and high security required by mining operations, but also inherits the PCSTM precise hydraulic control system and advanced energy management system exclusive to “thinking” excavators. CX490C provides the safe and comfortable construction environment, stable and reliable operation performance for users, but also provides the most fuel-efficient mining construction solutions for the users by adopting five professional fuel-saving techniques and three working modes in terms of the design and research. CX490C receives favorable comments from the users of various fields since its launch.

Exclusive Intelligent Machine for Mines

CX490C is a low-emission engine which meets China’s Phase III Emission Standard (GB3). The high-pressure common rail system fully electronic-controlled can generate multiple combustion of fuel oil, save fuel consumption and improve fuel utilization. The cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation (CEGR) technology generates cleaner combustion, improves the level of exhaust emission and provides abundant power for the whole engine.

The PCSTM precise hydraulic control system exclusive to CX490C features precision, energy saving, high efficiency and convenience, and is favored by mine users. The intelligent control system masters the power output through the vehicle-mounted computer, and automatically adjusts the engine power output and hydraulic pump’s absorption torque based on the changing load factor, to meet the standard of the intelligent “thinking” machine and bring excellent fuel efficiency. In addition to energy saving, CASE’s intelligent control system features the efficient function design. In collaboration with the hydraulic pressure design of the highest level in the industry, the automatic power-boost will provide instantaneous power support based on the load and further significantly improve the mining operation efficiency.

Leading a New Vogue in Fuel Economy

With original fuel-saving technologies, such as the idling shut-down, pilot pressure control, engine speed control, hydraulic regulation technology, CX490C adopts the CASE intelligent advanced energy management system to improve the fuel economy of the whole machine, combined with the shorter operation cycle. Compared with previous models, the upgraded version of the hydraulic system can provide users with higher operation efficiency and more economical fuel consumption. It can save 15% of fuel consumption under the same power output, to bring more considerable returns to customers.

Enjoying Work with Perfect Design

The hydraulic regeneration technology for the boom and arm circuits of the CX series is inherited by CX490C. This significantly increases the speed of time-consuming digging, and shortens the operating cycle. At the same time, CX490C has three working modes: Auto (advanced automatic mode), Heavy (heavy duty mode) and Superpower (super power mode). Therefore, it can provide the greater digging force, faster swing speed and higher swing torque under different working conditions. It boosts by 5% in power compared with the previous model. In addition, from users’ experience, its handling capacity increases by about 6% more than that of the previous CASE CX490C.

Equipped with the more spacious and comfortable cab, CX490C offers the operator an excellent view, quiet and cozy environment for operation. The standard color control panel allows the operator to ensure that the machine is always maintained in the optimal operating condition according to the working conditions. Moreover, the new travel system can minimize abrasion to the travel parts from the external operating environment, and extend its service life. The newly improved boom and arm are stronger and more durable, which guarantees the reliability of the machine during the high-intensity operation.

Competent Heavy-duty, New Interpretation

CX490C remodels the definition of heavy-duty, promoting the durability of the machine to a higher level. The excavator adopts the enhanced mechanism with the duration processing, which is more suitable for heavy-duty operations. The materials for the enhanced heavy-duty attachments increase by 20%-40% compared to the previous model in terms of thickness. The structural strength is enhanced as well, making it more suitable for heavy-duty operations, and even digging the hardest surface is not a problem.

At the Top 50 awards ceremony, Haitao DU, General Manager of the organizer - Beijing Zhuo Zhong Publishing Co., Ltd. and editor-in- chief of Construction Machinery & Maintenance affirmed the application and the performance of CX490C, ”The application of CX490C in terms of energy saving and power provides an opportunity to improve the efficiency of the mining enterprises.”

Lin CHEN, Head of CNH China CE Commercial Operations, said, “It is a great honor to win the award of Top 50 annual products for 9 consecutive years. CX490C is intelligent, energy-saving and durable, and is especially suitable for mining construction under severe working conditions. CASE will continue to adhere to the brand concept of quality first and expand the depth and breadth of services in order to offer users better experiences.”

Zheng TAN, Head of CNH APAC CE Brand Marketing & Communication, Product Partner Development, noted, “The award of Top 50 annual products is not only the affirmation of CX490C, but also a supervision and promotion for equipment manufacturing enterprises. CASE will be always committed to the R&D and production of high-quality machines. Depend on the TOP 50 product award, as the China market recovers, we will seize the opportunity to expand market share and pay back numerous users with higher standards of services.”

27th March 2017