• 16-JAN-2017

2017 CASE Construction Dealer Conference in Xi’an


“By analyzing the current landscape of the industry and digging deeply for the needs of construction machinery users, we try to explore the way for the enterprise to develop in 2017.” The National Dealer Conference of CASE Construction was successfully inaugurated on January 10, 2017.

All dealers of CASE Construction gathered in the charming ancient capital - Xi'an of Shanxi province on January 9, 2017, with the theme of “Roaring Eagle Flying Dream and Persevering Spirit to Success”. By summarizing the industry trends for 2016 and analyzing the value orientation of the macro and segmenting market, we tried to explore a win-win way for developing in 2017 and worked together to achieve the purpose of ”Your Professional Partner”.

Luca Mainardi - China Country Manager of AG & CE, Neil Woodfin - APAC CE Brand Leader, David Chen – Head of China CE Commercial Operations, and Kris Tan - Head of APAC CE Brand Marketing & Communication, Product Partner Development, made important speeches at the convention.

Opportunities have emerged
In 2016, the destocking of the construction machinery industry witnessed remarkable achievements and the decline ceased. The total sales of excavators in December increased by 75% and the annual sales increased by 25%, exceeding the mid-year expectation. Influenced by every ends of the industry chain, a number of institutions are optimistic about the construction machinery industry of 2017. At the same time, implementing national policies, including the “Eight Vertical and Eight Horizontal”, urban rail transits, the peak construction of “the 13th Five-Year Plan” will benefit the construction machinery industry as well.

In the course of reviewing 2016, Mr. David Chen analyzed thoroughly the situation in 2017 and made important deployments. The opportunities have emerged. As the leading enterprise of

construction machinery, CASE Construction had been carefully planning and trying hard to provide higher quality products to meet the growing needs of users and offer more detailed and thoughtful service to improve users’ benefits. Just like the bald eagle wants to cleave its way through the sky, CASE expects to come out on top in the new round of competition in the market.

CASE is fully armed for the recovery of the construction machinery market.

Going all out
The issues of the industry changes in 2017, the Case product positioning in the new era and the landing mode of brand services are discussed deeply during the Dealer Convention.

“Products are the core of the brand, and services are the guarantee of the brand.” Mr. Kris Tan focused on the product deployment and marketing activities of Case in 2017 at the convention. In 2017, Case will provide users with better products as well as more scientific policy activities. In this year, users will be more aware of the higher quality products and better services from Case.

At the convention in the afternoon of the 10th, Mr. Neil Woodfin announced to all the dealers the Case development strategy for 2017 in the Asia Pacific Region. And at the end of the convention, Mr. Luca Mainardi addressed to all the participants that Case CE will go all out for the New Year.

Team- the source of confidence
It was not the style of Case to yield to difficulties. The team of Case has always been adhering to the style of excellence and carefully grinding in service. In 2016, the team experienced a series of optimization and promotion, completing the double transformation of the work capacity and service capacity.

In 2017, the team will work together with the dealers to continue to lead the top service experience in terms of construction machinery, and expand the depth and breadth of the service and carry out the value-added strategy.

In 2017, the team will continue to uphold the business philosophy to value the customer as the core, and bring the new sense of perception and experience to users from the product and service level.

Jan 16th, 2017