• 08-JAN-2018

Reaching Soaring Triumph. Climbing Beyond Pinnacles 2018 Case Construction Equipment Dealers Conference Concludes


To explore the development of construction equipment and review the 20 years of history of Case in China, CNH Industrial China Construction Equipment Dealers Conference was successfully held in Sanya, the charming capital city of Hainan Province, from January 9 to January 10, 2018. More than 300 dealer representatives attended the grand gathering.

“Reaching Soaring Triumph. Climbing Beyond Pinnacles!” On January 9, 2018, all dealers of Case Construction Equipment gathered in Sanya to review the ups and downs of the market in 2017 and Case’s 20 years of development. The dealers also discussed the development strategies for 2018, so as to contribute wisdom and efforts to deliver high-end products as well as excellent services.

Luca Mainardi, President of CNH Industrial China addressed the attendees at the conference to welcome guests and pay tribute to the years of endeavor and professionalism of Case dealers. Neil Woodfin, Brand Leader, Construction Equipment for Asia Pacific, CNH Industrial, gave a deep insight into the construction equipment business strategies of CNH Industrial in APAC in 2018. Chen Lin, GM of construction equipment business at CNH Industrial China reviewed the construction equipment business in 2017 and gave an outlook for 2018, calling for sincere cooperation and allout dedication to face the new opportunities and challenges in 2018.

Tan Zheng, Director of Market Communications and Business Development for Construction Equipment at CNH Industrial APAC, reviewed Case’s marketing events in 2017 and elaborated on its marketing strategy and product footprint in 2018. Lu Yan, Director of Dealers Development for Construction Equipment Business in China, summed up the gains and losses of the dealer channel development in the past year, and announced the 2018 dealer development plan. Zhang Yongjiang, Sales Director of Northern China Construction Equipment Business, announced sales incentives and supporting policies for dealers in 2018 on behalf of Sales Department of Case.

Twenty Years of Unceasing Passion
With 175 years of ingenuity and originality, Case holds an unceasing passion for China market for twenty years! Throughout the initial hardship of joining China market in the first few years, the ten years’ great development trend of construction equipment, and five years of industry turmoil, Case Construction Equipment has always been practicing earnestly with full dedication. Over 20 years of market changes, Case still adheres to the brand philosophy of being the “professional partner” for users, and strives to achieve perfection. In 2018, the market witnesses a great prosperity for the construction equipment industry, and all members at Case will make unremitting efforts to provide all users with more professional product solutions and better service.

Concerted Endeavor. All-out Dedication
In 2017, the construction equipment market in China showed a clear recovery. In the fourth quarter, there was even a gratifying prosperous momentum in the off-season, and Case Construction Equipment has made outstanding contributions to the growth of the market. With the favorable factors such as the Belt and Road initiative, “Eight Vertical and Eight Horizontal” high-speed railway network project, mining recovery, and increasing national infrastructure projects in the foreseeable years, construction equipment market will maintain a high growth rate.

In the 20th anniversary celebration gala of Case China, all guests enjoyed the fusion wine ceremony with the theme of “20 Years of Joint Effort to Create the Bright Future”, and the “10-Year Dealer of Case China” award was the moment of the night. Case greatly inspired the dealers to change the world with their initiatives.

Over the past 20 years, Case has always been grateful for the support and attention of customers. In 2018, Case will work with dealers to achieve impeccable results in all fields. At the same time, Case will consistently uphold the customer-oriented philosophy and generate more value-added strategies so that more construction equipment users will know about Case and fall in love with Case.

In 2018, let us join hands to reach soaring triumph and climb beyond pinnacles!

January 8, 2018, Shanghai, China