• 25-FEB-2013

New LB 4 series brings a boost to large baler performance


Case IH introduces a new LB large square baler series incorporating numerous new features to deliver a higher capacity than previous models

A radical redesign, a considerable increase in efficiency and numerous innovations characterise the newest generation of large square balers from Case IH: the LB 4 series.

The new four-model range – the LB324 (baler dimensions 80 x 70 cm), LB 334 (bale dimensions 80 x 90 cm), LB 424 (120 x 70 cm) and LB 434 (120 x 90 cm) – will make its debut for France at SIMA in Paris.

The all-round square baler for all crop types
On the new LB series virtually all key component areas have been revised or redeveloped. These include an extremely rugged central frame and a new pickup and rotor system for efficient crop gathering and transfer to the bale chamber.

Case IH development engineers have kept some of the proven components from the previous LB series, including the extremely reliable double knotter system. On the new machines, one of the new key options is a new compressed air cleaning system to ensure reliability by keeping knotters clear of dust and debris. This is an added option to the improved current knotter cleaning system and is used for extreme dusty conditions, often experienced in drier countries

New design - new advantages
The exterior appearance of the new LB series reflects the completely new design. For the first time, extremely rugged and high quality composite synthetic materials have been used for the body panels. In addition to saving weight, this also greatly reduces the quantity of dust that enters the baler and does much to keep dust deposits off the machine itself. The entire front section of the body can now be easily opened upwards to provide access to all drives for maintenance and servicing, as do full-width panels at either side.

More pickup performance
Many of the LB 4 balers’ key innovations can be found in the new pickup, which now has a 2.40m working width. A swath windguard, available in rake or roller versions and manually-adjustable to match crop conditions, works with an additional intake auger plus central feed roller to ensure rapid and loss-free material transfer, even with bulky harvest material. The pneumatic jockey wheels on the pickup can be adjusted for different working conditions without the need for tools. New heavy-duty materials and components are used for the pickup fingers, for greater strength and cleaner gathering in all types of crop, including biomass materials such as maize straw.

Pickup height is easily adjusted, for thorough crop collection, whatever the type or condition, minimising the risk of damage to the pickup. The large pneumatic jockey wheels, together with the adjustable suspension system, ensure maximum protection to the pickup, even when working in rough fields at high speeds

Optimum crop flow and faster compression chamber filling
While designing the plunger system, Case IH engineers focused on boosting crop flow rate. The use of new materials and a revised layout have resulted in faster straight-line crop flow within the baler, optimising transfer from pickup to the precompression chamber to handle the large capacity efficiently. The plunger speed has now been increased to 48 strokes/minute to provide the higher capacity. The result is an increase in performance over previous models depending on operating conditions.

Compact and manoeuvrable
In spite of their higher performance and capacity, new LB series balers feature a very compact construction and, even on 600mm-wide tyres. they are less than 3m wide. Transport speeds of 40 kph are possible on the road, depending on local regulations.

New service deck
At the rear of the new LB 4 balers is a new service deck, accessed by safe and convenient steps, which allows any maintenance work to be performed safely. An optional Comfort Package includes a deck safety rail, large dust-tight toolbox and a water tank for hand washing.

AFS innovations
Modern control and AFS management systems are already standard on LB balers, with a choice between AFS 300 and top-of-the-range AFS 700 colour monitors to control the ISOBUS-compatible machines. It is also possible to operate the balers through the terminals of other manufacturers’ ISOBUS-compatible tractors.

New steering aid helps improve bale consistency
The Case IH AFS monitor continuously supervises and displays all key baler functions, including the knotters. New on LB4 models is a visual steering aid to assist operators in picking up very small and/or irregular swaths and ensure uniform, sturdy bales are formed even in difficult conditions. On the AFS Pro 700 monitor, images from several video cameras can be displayed simultaneously.

A GPS logger is available as an option for recording bale moisture, and, together with a bale weighing system, can be used for complete bale documenting. Data can be exported onto a USB drive if required. With GPS data logging and computer mapping software, all data relating to the baling process can be viewed at any time.

Two bale ejection possibilities
The standard bale ejector empties the chamber, which opens wide for easier removal. The additional partial bale ejector ejects only the finished bale at the back while keeping the next incomplete bale in the chamber, allowing the bale chute to be folded away for transport.

Fewer stops
Twine storage space has been increased to accommodate a total of 32 rolls, meaning more time spent baling and fewer stops for refilling.

New Case IH LB 4 series balers are available for the 2013 season.

Paris/St. Valentin, 25.02.2013