• 20-JUL-2018

Spirit of the Cossacks shines through Case IH machinery field day


In-field demonstrations in the Rostov Region gave valuable insights into optimising the effectiveness of modern agricultural machinery.

More than 150 Russian farmers attended a Case IH field day in Zernograd, Rostov during July. The farmers put twenty Case IH agricultural machines to the test under real field conditions and attended “master class” sessions focused on increasing yields.

The event was themed around the spirit of the Cossack people from Southern Russia and South-Eastern Ukraine who farmed on the river Don. The event’s location has been an important part of cultural tradition for many centuries, while the Cossacks have always been the backbone of the state thanks to their perseverance and resourcefulness. This theme was a fitting reflection of the pioneering spirit that the Case IH brand delivers to the global agriculture industry.

Since the 19th century, Case IH has pioneered farming mechanisation, shaping the history of agriculture around the world. When the brand first entered the Russian market in the early 20th century, it contributed to the enormous transformation of the industry, with modern day farmers continuing to strive for increased productivity.

Rostov at the heart of Russian agricultural success

Konstantin Rachalovsky, Minister of Agriculture and Food in the Rostov Region was one notable guest at the event. He said that the Zernograd District demonstrates excellent results in the Rostov Region, confirming that it is a leading contributor to the Russian agrarian sector.

“Today’s harvesting reflected real-world field conditions. Results have shown that a leading position can be reached through high-technology and innovative solutions for agriculture. The cooperation with the Case IH brand has certainly contributed to the fulfillment of this task,” he said.

Mikhail Abovyan, CNH Industrial Business Director for Agricultural Equipment in Russia and the Republic of Belarus, commented on the important role of the Rostov Region in the development of agriculture in Russia: “This region has undoubtedly functioned as Russia's breadbasket,” he said.

“This event coincides with the 10th anniversary of Case IH’s strategic partnership with Altair, one of the largest suppliers of agricultural machinery and spare parts in the south of Russia.

“For a decade, Case IH has been able to rely on this fruitful partnership with Altair Group, which has worked successfully to support customers in this territory.

“Russian farmers deserve the best equipment to increase their output and profitability and Case IH’s extraordinary products offer everything they need to achieve their goal,” Abovyan said.

Other esteemed guests of the event included: Vasily Panasenko, Head of the Zernogradsky District Administration, Vladimir Boldin, General Director of Altair Group, and Andrey Alabushev, Head of Donskoy Agrarian Research Center and scholar at the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Broad machinery offering for the Russian market

Case IH’s machinery on show at the field day represented its wide range developed for the specific requirements of Russian agriculture.

The event featured a machinery parade including models such as Quantum, Farmall JX, Maxxum, Puma, Magnum and Steiger Quadtrac tractors, Patriot sprayers, Axial-Flow combine harvesters and tillage equipment such as the Ecolo-Tiger and Barracuda. Earthmoving machines from CASE Construction Equipment brand were also on display.

Case IH’s commitment to helping Russian farmers improve productivity does not stop at delivering world-leading equipment—the brand and its dealers also support customers in the field to get the best from their machinery. During the field day, farmers attended three special master classes devoted to current agrarian topics such as soil management, minimising harvest losses, and crop protection efficacy. All topics included test drives of the relevant machinery to help farmers understand how equipment contributes to their success.

During the event Case IH presented a long-awaited gift, the pneumatic row crop planter DV8R to Chapaev's Plemzavod , located in Vasyurinskaya village of Krasnodar region. His company specializes in growing beets, wheat, barley, sunflower and corn.
Zernograd, 20th July 2018
Note to Editors

Case IH product highlights at the Field Day

The Quantum Series tractors are perfect for gardens and vineyards. These small red tractors can cope with an impressive range of garden tasks thanks to the additional front, side and rear hydraulic valves. The smooth lines and elegant elements make the machines look stylish, and this look also has a practical purpose: Case IH design ensures that thin trees and vines will remain intact when this tractor passes them by, and its front wheels are designed to turn at a wide angle. The Quantum tractors not only have a sleek design, but also preserve and make the most of a farmer’s valuable harvest.

The maneuverable Farmall JX Series tractors are equipped with a four-wheel transmission, self-locking differential, electrohydraulic reverse control and pneumatic compressor.
The Maxxum Series tractors combine modern technologies with high reliability, while also ensuring high-quality performance. with a minimum set of electronic equipment and easy maintenance.

The newly launched Puma™ CVT Series tractors extend its Puma family in Russia, which included the Puma 155 and Puma 210 of medium capacity, that have already earnt the trust of Russian farmers. The AFS integrated autopilot accurately controls its movements, and the AccuTurn - automated hands-free end-of-row autoguidance feature that utilises industry-leading path-planning logic to maximize productivity allows to take full control by pressing only one button.

The new continuously variable transmission (CVT) technology allows the operator to change seamlessly through a continuous range of effective gear ratios in conjunction with the speed and engine rpm. Based solely on the mechanical interconnection of the gears and the additional hydraulic motor, the Case IH CVT transmission is designed to operate with the utmost fuel efficiency, combining a simple design with reliability and efficiency.

Among other products showcased were popular models such as the Magnum 340 tractors with the cultivator Tiger-Mate 255 and air seeding complex Precision Disc 500, the Quadtrac 450 tractor with the Eсolo-Tiger 875 disk ripper.

Case IH self-propelled sprayers were also introduced with two models: the Patriot 3230 with a 3,000-litre tank and the Patriot 4430 with a tank size of 4,500 litres. These products are characterised by optimal wheel load distribution thanks to the central location of their tank and one of the highest horsepower to weight ratios.

Farmers were intrigued by the world-famous Axial-Flow 6140 and Axial-Flow 8240 rotor combine harvester. These machines use a one-rotor threshing technology which has been developed over more than 40 years. The Axial-Flow 6140 model has an FPT Industrial Cursor 9 engine. The combine’s maximum horsepower is 411 horsepower, and its grain tank capacity is 10,500 litres. The Axial-Flow 8240 model has a Cursor 13 engine with the maximum horsepower of 563 horsepower, its grain tank capacity is 14,500 litres.

The Magnum Rowtrac was also shown with a unique track module and high-class vertical tillage tool Barracuda. Its configuration, based on the Case IH agronomic design philosophy, allows one to effectively cut, mix and evenly distribute even the most stubborn crop residue to up to 10 centimetres in depth.


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