• 17-DEC-2018

New Holland TT45 is a popular choice for paddy fields in Myanmar


U Htay Lwin, New Holland TT45 tractor's owner.
In the north-western part of Myanmar there is a small village located in Shwebo District, Sagaing Region, where farmers pride themselves on using New Holland tractors as part of their goal of growing the best quality of crop.  
U Htay Lwin is one of those farmers and owns three New Holland tractors, a 98 hp TD95, a 75 hp TT75, and a 47 hp TT45. He purchased the first machine, a TT45 tractor, three years ago, and was so satisfied with it that he decided to acquire other New Holland products. The TT45 from the New Holland TT Compact Range combines modest dimensions with the performance of large machines, the high-performance TD95 is supremely capable in even the toughest conditions, and the general-purpose TT75 is capable of meeting a wide range of demands and provides great value.
All of these tractors are ideal for farming in Myanmar, being well suited to everything from hot, dry and humid conditions to paddy fields. These machines help U Htay Lwin farm his plantation in the Ye-U Township and serve many other farms in the surrounding area with a hire service. 
The Sagaing Region is the top producer of wheat and pulses in the country, with wheat contributing more than 80% of Myanmar's total production. More than one million acres are being put under paddy every year and the need for agricultural mechanisation has never been so high due to the shortage of labor during the busiest season. 
U Htay Lwin said: “Farmers in this area have started to use more farm machines due to lack of workers. As a result, they have seen more benefits, as crop productivity is increasing year by year. New Holland tractors really help them save time and energy, as well as increasing the quality and quantity of their crops.
“The New Holland TT45 is a popular choice in the Ye-U Township because this tractor is very suitable for the conditions of our wet paddy fields, with high lug tyres and sealed propeller shaft. In addition, farmers trust New Holland tractors for the great quality and strength they have shown over the years working across our lands. If you walk around you will see other blue tractors working on our lands. They are very appreciated for their fuel efficiency, strength, productivity, and ease of operation.”
New Holland TT45 is compact in size but big on performance 
The TT45 is a small tractor that takes care of big jobs. Recognised for its toughness and unparalleled versatility, this machine can deliver the performance normally expected of much bigger tractors, combining outstanding power delivery, Easy Shift transmissions and big lift capacity. 
The TT Compact Series features 8x2 or optional 8x8 Synchro Shuttle constant mesh transmissions, perfectly tailored to the high torque capability of the three-cylinder diesel engine. The latest in advanced engine technology also provides outstanding power and fuel economy. 
The TT45’s heavy-duty rear straight axle, with epicyclical reduction, is suitable for any agricultural and transport application. Rear axles feature wet disc brakes with a large surface area for safe and efficient braking. An Independent 540-rpm, ground speed PTO, and stationary reverse PTO comes as standard on all TT compact models. The open-center hydraulic system uses tandem hydraulic pumps so that there is always all the power needed for steering, the optional rear remote valve, three-point hitch, and a variety of rear implements.
The TT45 serves the needs of the driver with optimal ergonomics which ensure all controls are intuitive and a modern instrument cluster which makes it easy to monitor key tractor functions.
New Holland tractors are offered to farmers in Myanmar through its Yangon-based partner, Yoma Heavy Equipment (YHE), formerly known as CPCL. YHE supports local farmers by operating out of 16 branches throughout the country. 
Yangon, December 2018