• 10-DEC-2018

New Holland TT4.90 tractor is the perfect partner for Burmese farmers and long days in the field


U Sai Maung Kyan, New Holland TT4.90 tractor's owner
In Lashio, the largest town in Myanmar’s northern Shan State, some 200 kilometres north-east of Mandalay, U Sai Maung Kyan lives with his family on 100 acres of land where they produce watermelons. This is a warm-climate and long-season crop and one of the most popularly-grown fruits in the country. 
U Sai Maung Kyan has worked the farm since childhood. During the past years he has experienced first-hand how, to be a successful grower, it is necessary to apply new farming practices, with good crop-knowledge and efficient machines.  
Quality is the most important factor in successful watermelon production. This starts with good land preparation and variety selection and continues through growing the crop to the careful harvesting, grading and marketing of the melons.
After patiently researching tractors, less than two years ago U Sai Maung Kyan and his family had the opportunity to buy a New Holland TT4.90 tractor unit. The family benefited so quickly from this machine that they decided to buy a second unit in order to achieve better yields. Today, their two tractors operate on their own farmland and are also rented to other farmers in the surrounding districts of Sint Inn, in the Kyaukme region, and in the Lashio district. 
U Sai Maung Kyan said: “Growing melons involves hard physical work, including tractor driving, handling heavy machinery and fertiliser bags, controlling weeds, harvesting, and packing and handling packed cartons. It is essential to ensure that operators work in comfort in order to stay alert.
“What our operators like most about New Holland tractors is that they are simple to operate and easy to maintain, keeping downtime and maintenance costs to a minimum. But most importantly, the spacious operator area gives them maximum comfort. For them, this is one of the most comfortable places to be while in the field.”  
New Holland TT4 tractors are the most comfortable place to be
Spending long hours in the field comes easily with the TT4. This tractor offers well-thought-out comfort and space, featuring a true flat-deck operating platform, ergonomic controls, and steering column-mounted shuttling. Operators can choose between the mechanical shuttle, suitable for repetitive motions such as front-loader work, or the powershuttle, which is particularly helpful for making smooth and quick forward and reverse manouevres. Clutchless operation helps increase productivity, especially when using loaders. The 12x12 Synchromesh transmission paired with high lift capacity allows to handle tough tasks in field. 
The TT4’s flat-deck platform has suspended pedals, designed to provide maximum operator comfort with spacious legroom and easy entry and exit. Farmers can add a canopy for additional protection - the Roll Over Protection Structure is certified – and for shaded comfort on sunny days. The mechanical suspension seat with arm rest is mounted on an inclined base, to suit operators of any size. 
New Holland works closely with its authorised distributor in Myanmar, Yangon-based Yoma Heavy Equipment (YHE), formerly known as CPCL. YHE has 16 branches throughout the country. U Sai Maung Kyan said: “The Yoma Heavy Equipment team has provided outstanding support, advising on the best machine to suit my daily job and requirements, and helping me to be as productive as possible.   When it comes to servicing my New Holland equipment, I have no doubt I can trust them. They know every aspect of my machines and supporting technology. They help me ensure my equipment is always working at peak capacity on the farm so that I can maximise my equipment’s return on investment.”
Yangon, December 2018