• 02-DEC-2019

New Holland Agriculture provides maintenance service to thousands of tractors in Turkey



New Holland Agriculture’s maintenance service benefitted almost 4,000 farmers providing technical assistance to some 3,500 tractors during the 'Collective Maintenance Day' organised in 81 Turkish cities.

New Holland Agriculture, a brand of CNH Industrial, along with TürkTraktör, the joint venture between CNH Industrial and Koç Holding, held a Collective Maintenance Day in 81 cities across Turkey at the beginning of December. Some 4,000 farmers gathered together for this special event organised for the first time in Turkey.

New Holland Agriculture’s experienced teams visited 107 different locations spread across 81 cities in Turkey on the same day and performed 20-point inspections on some 3,500 tractors free of charge along with fuel filter changes. New Holland teams also carried out several maintenance activities and repairs on the tractors to ensure they work to their highest efficiencies.

The periodic maintenance of tractors that work continuously throughout the year is essential for numerous reasons, namely, to ensure safe operation and high yields. Within this context, the Collective Maintenance Day was organised to perform a mass, large scale intervention on tractors to promote conscious and reliable farming practices among Turkish farmers and operators.

The farmers of Aydın, a city of southwestern Turkey, showed the greatest interest in New Holland’s Collective Maintenance Day. Aydın was followed by the cities of Adıyaman, Antalya, Şanlıurfa and Konya. New Holland experts provided maintenance service to a total of 635 tractors in these five cities alone.

Owning Turkey's most extensive service network with almost 500 after-sales services, TürkTraktör proved once again on this special day that its leading New Holland brand is always right beside farmers with its dedication to unconditional and optimum customer satisfaction.


Istanbul, December 2019