• 28-JUN-2018

New Holland Agriculture’s FR500 forage harvester expected to attract much attention at this week’s China Dairy Exhibition 2018


As a leading global agricultural equipment brand and a major provider of advanced agricultural machinery in China, New Holland Agriculture will present a full range of products for use with grass forage crops at the three-day event in Chengdu, Sichuan Province.

China's production of dairy products is quickly growing to keep pace with demand and is the biggest driver for animal husbandry in the nation. The dairy industry’s importance will be more evident than ever this week at the China Dairy Exhibition 2018 - featuring more than 500 exhibitors and expected to attract 60,000 visitors - where one of the exhibits of greatest interest will be New Holland’s new FR500 forage harvester. The FR500 will assist in the mechanisation of pasture-harvesting become more widespread in China, encouraging the gradual shift from forage harvesters attached to tractors to self-propelled harvesters.

The Exhibition - the dairy industry’s most influential national event - takes place from June 28th to 30th at the Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center in Chengdu, Sichuan Province.

A forage harvester to produce the highest-quality cattle feed
Since introduction in China in 1998, the first New Holland self-propelled forage harvester has benefited from several upgrades and the FR500 offers industry-leading chop quality and consistency with unsurpassed throughput.

The FR range offers 450 HP FR450, 498 HP FR500 and 591 HP FR600 in China. All models in the FR range have an oversized shredding roller and broad-spectrum grain processor, with a cutterhead of 710mm diameter and 900mm width, 750mm-wide crop processing rolls, and a choice of two working widths via 4.5-metre or 6-metre corn headers. The herringbone cutters ensure excellent chopped quality at all chopping lengths.

One particularly useful feature of the FR500 is the two-position VariFlow™ system, which enables operators to alter the location of the blower according to the crop being harvested. This system makes it easy to change the gap between the shredding roller and the fan, enabling free switching between harvesting of the silage corn and harvesting of the pasture. When making the switch, the gap between the shredder roller and the fan is reduced by 60 per cent and the material blown by the fan is easy to collect.

New Holland offers a full range of mechanised equipment to accompany the specialised harvesters. These include high-quality machines for mowing, harvesting, baling and silage packing. The FR500 will be displayed on the New Holland stand at the China Dairy Exhibition alongside the brand’s 450SF forager header, which contributes to excellent chop-quality, and 140 HP T1404B tractor, which has a reputation for productivity and reliability with a great performance-to-price ratio. New Holland will also display the NIR On Board™ as an option on the FR Forage Cruiser: with this advanced sensor technology, customers will be able to measure and monitor the crop’s moisture and nutrient parameters with outstanding +/-2% accuracy and in real time as they harvest.

Michele Monzio, New Holland China Product Marketing Manager, said: “New Holland’s FR forage harvesters have a great reputation for high quality harvesting in China and we expect the FR500 to attract plenty of interest at the China Dairy Exhibition. We’re looking forward to welcoming visitors to New Holland’s stand - not only to discuss our world-class products, but also the excellent technical support New Holland is renowned for.

Chengdu, 28th June 2018


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