• 07-JUL-2016

Case IH Farmall’s complete package ‘made for vineyards’


Farmall C working in a vineyard
A “complete, solid package, designed particularly for vineyards” is how viticulture consultant and vigneron Paul Georgiadis describes his Case IH Farmall 95C.

Paul and his wife Mara recently bought the tractor to replace a Case IH 4210 they purchased back in the late 1990s, having begun planting their 14-hectare Barossa Valley vineyard “Georgiadis Estate” at Marananga in 1995. They are also partners in a 25 hectare property “Paradigm Vineyards”, nestled in the heart of Maranaga, which has 8ha under 50-year-old vines.

“Before we bought the new Farmall C, I certainly checked the market to see what was out there. A friend of mine even owns a franchise for another brand, but one of the main reasons we chose Farmall again is the complete package that’s offered in the size tractor you need for vineyards: it’s narrow enough to fit easily down our three-metre vine rows, yet has enough horsepower for any activity, including a front-end loader.

“I think what Case IH have done really well is communicate with the operators and come up with a tractor that’s really suitable for vineyards. It’s got both the capabilities and the ease of functionality. Sometimes, I think a lot of new equipment is a little bit too electrical and computerised, which may cause problems when things go wrong. The Farmall C has moved with the times, yet isn’t too technical.”

And that, says Paul, makes it exceptionally easy to use whether it’s himself or his workers driving — his late father also found it simple to operate.

“In the early days, my parents had other brands; we’ve had quite a few tractors. But after a few problems with the others, I’ve just found the Case IH’s to be a more solid package, with the comfort required for enduring hours in the cabin.”

“I’ve seen a lot of narrow tractors where you feel like a sumo wrestler trying to get into the small cabin. It’s not a good thing, and I’m not a big guy! You still need to be relaxed in the cabin, because you’re going to be in it for hours, so you need room.”

Consulting across the Barossa, McLaren Vale and South-East region, Paul sometimes uses the tractor as an outdoor office.

“While the Farmall C is narrow, the cabin’s very comfortable. What’s also important to me is that it’s soundproof. I don’t do it all the time, but when I do need to take or make phone calls, I can actually drive and communicate with my clients at the same time.”

For Paul, the other part of the equation is the relationship with the dealer, Lyndoch Motors, which has a branch at Lyndoch and at Angaston, both in the Barossa Valley.

“Having that good relationship is very important. If something does go wrong, I need it repaired immediately, and I rely on the support of Lyndoch Motors to help get me back up and running quickly.”

Paul says he’s impressed with the new Farmall C’s reliability and efficiency, which will help his businesses with improved productivity.

“I’m impressed with it; it’s a good vineyard tractor with all the capabilities that I need to run a vineyard. I’ve got a smaller tractor as well, but I just enjoy driving the Case IH Farmall a lot more — it’s got the horse power that I need for any job, it’s more comfortable and soundproof, and the air conditioning works really well, especially during the warmer months. It just does everything I need it to do.”

For more information see your local Case IH dealer or visit www.caseih.com.