• 26-APR-2016

Productivity shines as Case IH tweaks track-technology leader


Case IH Steiger 600 Quadtrac
A full 360 degrees of LED illumination for night work is just one of the upgrades to Case IH’s 2016 Steiger® Quadtrac tractor models.

The LED lighting package will be standard, as will several other upgrades.

Pete McCann, Product Manager for Case IH High Horsepower, says, “The twin driving forces behind all features on the 2016 models were productivity and durability.

“Australian farmers tend to do a lot of paddock work at night. That’s because sometimes there are not enough daylight hours, or they just keep going until a job is done, or they are making the most of the conditions. Having every light possible on these tractors will really help productivity.”

Other upgrades include a change to the 6500 heavy-duty Camso belts.

“You need the heaviest belts available when you’re using 600hp so we’ve included the 6500 belts as standard on new models.”

Case IH has also refined steering with the addition of Advanced Steering. Advanced Steering is a speed reactive system that helps the driver during headland turns, line acquisition and reduces the amount of physical turns while in the paddock working, but increases it when roading at high speeds therefore increasing the stability of the Steiger while in road mode. A further upgrade is the new automatic diff lock actuator, which disenages as the driver steers into the turn, then re-enages as the the vehicle straighten up and re-aquires the line.

“This means drivers don’t have to tap the brake to get the diff lock to disengage for sharp turns, and is just one more little feature we’ve added to the 2016 model as standard.”

Pete says the enhancements mean Case IH’s leading Steiger® Quadtrac range is even better.

“Case IH is an innovator in track design, which is why we’re the leader in tracked equipment. We launched the technology 20 years ago — back in 1996 — and our experience, knowledge and understanding have kept us at the forefront. Of course, others are going to get around to developing this technology too, but without experience behind them, copies tend to miss some of the better-quality sophistications.”

Pete says Case IH uses an exclusive, five-axle design, giving its four-track system tractors a smoother ride and more power to the ground.

“This exclusive five-axle design features independent oscillating tracks on a five-axle per track design. This lowers soil pressure, provides better flotation in the field and reduces compaction. This results in less ground pressure and a more agronomic seed bed.

“On top of the developments Case IH made in the 2015 Steiger® Quadtrac tractor models — including a proven wider track undercarriage design — the 2016 upgrades all add up to improved productivity and durability.

“Case IH is all about finding ways of doing things better; knowing our customers trust and want to work together with us, just as we do them. Because we’re made to do our best, we make the best equipment and then we ensure we have features that protect our customers’ equipment investments.”

For more information see your local Case IH dealer or visit www.caseih.com.