• 05-APR-2018

The CASE TR320 Compact track loader awarded the Top award of the Year


The new CASE TR320 compact track loader from CASE Construction Equipment has been named one of the “China Top 50 Construction Machinery Products of the Year”. The brand received the honors at an awards ceremony held in Beijing on April 2, 2018, which was hosted by Beijing Prominion Publishing Co., Ltd. Considered to be the construction equipment sector’s most prestigious and influential event in China, the ceremony saw more than 200 guests from Chinese ministries and commissions, industry associations, manufacturers, customers and media in attendance.

Recognized for its better load design, excellent versatility and comfort, the CASE TR320 compact track loader is most suitable for mining and shoveling activities due to its excellent radial lifting capacity. It can work with various attachments to provide solutions for many applications within the construction, demolition, road building and landscaping sectors.

“The excellent working performance of the CASE TR320 compact track loader broadens applicable fields and makes outstanding contributions to popularization of the skid steer loaders,” said Mr. Du Haitao, General Manager of Beijing Prominion Publishing Co., Ltd. and Chief Editor of the CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY & MAINTENANCE magazine, at the awards ceremony.

David Chen, General Manager of Construction Equipment in China at CNH Industrial, the CASE brand’s parent company further commented: “The Top 50 Products of the Year award is further recognition and promotion of the CASE TR320 compact track loader within this competitive industry. CASE remains committed to R&D to realize the highest quality equipment and provide higher standard services for users.”

Heritage and proven performance

With almost 50 years of experience in the manufacture of compact track loaders and skid steer loaders, CASE’s expertise in products, innovative design and skilled craftsmanship have been deeply ingrained in the brand’s DNA. By taking full consideration of the difficult working conditions and numerous engineering plans at the beginning of R&D, this machine, which is instilled with a tradition of excellence from CASE, can easily cope with demanding conditions on the job.

Reliability and stability are the hallmark of crawler-track loaders, while this new TR320 has improved stability to an even higher level. With its unique and stable undercarriage, it can run fast on the slope and operate smoothly in the mud or sand. At the same time, the design reduces the moving parts of the rigid track frame of the undercarriage. This greatly improves the overall durability, and makes it easier for maintenance compared with the suspension track system.

Professional quality and performance first

The CASE TR320 blends the perfect combination of power and hydraulic systems, which are assisted with precise mechanical design. This guarantees maximum efficiency and benefit.

In close collaboration with the integrated control of the servo system and the proportional auxiliary hydraulic system, the TR320 equipped with the 84 hp engine can easily adjust the operating speed and sensitivity, and complete various actions with different attachments. Its oil cylinder and undercarriage provide the maximum thrust, and the bucket support mounted directly on the undercarriage increases the thrust further.

Real world design and easy operability

Comfort and safety is the key to smooth and efficient operations. CASE designers always incorporate an operator-friendly concept in the development of equipment and this TR320 compact track loader is no exception. The servo control system enables the operator to effectively reduce fatigue during long working hours. All the control parts are arranged according to the principle of ergonomics, which are visible and less error-prone. With more spacious legroom, and more space between the control levers, it is much more comfortable for operators.

It is easier and safer to enter the cab with its low threshold and convenient armrest design. The lower threshold, the thinner front columns, and the wide and smooth side windows with ultra-narrow metal bars also provide excellent visibility for the operator. The cab that meets the ROPS/FOPS standard also ensures operational safety.

A “special force” in engineering

The compact track loader presents its capability in different fields with different attachments. It is hailed as the “special force” in the engineering industry.

In winter, the TR320, equipped with the snow blade, bucket, snow blower, snow push box, salt distributor and sand distributor, can efficiently eliminate obstacles and harm caused by heavy snow. This ensures the safe and unobstructed carriageway and sidewalk in residential areas. In summer, the TR320, equipped with the bucket, fork, sweeper or grab bucket, can easily clear up the dirt, dust and rubbish.

Furthermore, the TR320, equipped with the backhoe, hammer or trencher, can provide flexible diversified engineering support for contractors. When it is equipped with relevant greening accessories, it is competent for all working conditions from landscaping to the ground maintenance. The CASE compact track loader also has wide applications on roads, bridges, in agriculture, at factories, in ports and the list goes on.

Shanghai, April 05, 2018