New Holland renews specialty tractor offering with new T4 FNV Series and TK4 crawler models at EIMA 2016


New Holland Agriculture introduces the new T4 FNV series of narrow tractors
  • T4FNV: the latest generation in a long line of pioneering and industry leading narrow tractors
Safety first and the ultimate versatility with the exclusive Blue Cab™ 4 system
A powerful performance comes with class leading efficiency
The ultimate productivity in a compact package
  • TK 4 crawler tractors deliver best-in-class performance raising safety and comfort to new level
Operator comfort and safety come first with new operator station and ATS layout
Best-in-class performance with the new electronic engine and after-treatment system

New Holland Agriculture introduces the new T4 FNV series of narrow tractors for orchards, vineyards and specialty applications. The new range further raises the bar on safety with the new Blue Cab 4™ system, on performance with the new engine and emission reduction system, and on productivity with a host of new features. The four new tractor models combine New Holland’s bold tractor styling with a streamlined design that has been optimised for narrow rows.

Sean Lennon, Head of Tractor and Precision Land Management Product Management, said: “The new T4 FNV and TK4 build on the illustrious heritage of New Holland’s industry-leading specialist tractors. They are ideal for customers of all sizes, from small farms to large corporate agricultural operations, with labour intensive and high value crops, as well as non-standard agricultural applications that have very specific needs. These tractors put the safety and comfort of the operator first, taking them to new unprecedented levels. In particular, the BlueCab 4TM on the T4FNV, which exceeds regulatory requirements by far sets new standards in the industry.”

T4 FNV: the latest generation in a long line of pioneering, industry leading narrow tractors

The new T4 FNV Series is the latest in a long line of specialty tractors that started in 1934 with the first mass-produced crawler tractor and produced gems like the famous Serie Nastro d’Oro. For many years New Holland has set the benchmark in this segment, introducing innovations never seen on narrow tractors before – for example in 1997 the hydraulic transmission with steering-column mounted electro-hydraulic shuttle, ideal for a tractor destined to perform numerous manoeuvres between planting rows.

Safety first and the ultimate versatility with the exclusive Blue Cab™ 4 system

The T4 FNV Series introduces the unique Blue Cab 4™ system that provides the operator with best-in-class protection from plant protection products. New Holland also went the extra mile with the homologation and validation process of the Blue Cab 4TM system. It is homologated for filter to EN 15695-2:2009 standard and cab to EN 15695-1:2009 pressurization standards, providing superior operator protection. In addition, it has undergone 2 seasons of field tests in real conditions with different pesticides to validate filter life.

The Blue Cab 4 system features an exclusive patented double filtration system. With two filters – one Category 2 and one Category 4 – in the same roof system, the operator can operate the filtration system on Level 2 protection and switch to Level 4 protection when needed, for example when spraying. This will ensure longer filter life and lower maintenance costs. The new cab benefits from a reduction in noise level from 82 to the best-in-class 78dB(A).

This innovative system will continue to deliver optimal performance and guarantee the highest and unique levels of driver protection for the entire life of the tractor.

A powerful performance comes with class leading efficiency 

The T4NFV tractors run 3.4-litre four-cylinder engine developed by FPT Industrial. The Common Rail turbocharged engines deliver power ranging from 75 hp to 107 hp, with maximum torque of 444 Nm on the T4.110 VNF at the top of the line up. The new FPT engine delivers a better performance than its predecessor, resulting in a more powerful tractor as well as lower cost of ownership.

The new T4NFV series complies with Tier 4A emissions standards using a Cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation (CEGR) system and second-generation Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) technology. This solution results in a compact engine installation that is well suited to the space constraints in Specialty Tractors. It doesn’t require filter regeneration, there is no filter to replace and the engine hardware is simpler so that maintenance is easier, and the temperature on the muffler’s external surface is lower. This system is the perfect solution for specialty tractors, with its compact size, no regeneration and its easy maintenance.

The ultimate productivity in a compact package

The fuel tank capacity on the T4.110F has been increased by 20 litres to 98 litres, resulting in best-in-class fuel autonomy and a consequent increase in productivity, as fewer refuelling stops mean more time in the field.

The T4NFV Series tractors feature large rear hitch lift capacities and are available with an electronic draft control system to provide more precise rear hitch control. They also feature a front three-point hitch with PTO, providing greater versatility while operating between rows. The heavyduty front hitch has a lift capacity up to 1970 kg – double the capacity of the previous model. The redesigned front PTO is designed with a purely hydraulic PTO clutch that is directly linked to the engine shaft and delivers 93 PTO hp – 7% more than the previous model.

The new premium dual-pump hydraulic system features a hydraulic pump with a flow of 80l/min entirely dedicated to the implements. It also has three open-centre load-sensing rear remotes with one diverter valve and up to 8 outlets and mid-mount electrohydraulic valves in a new compact layout the improves mid-mount implement adaptation. These features enable the operator to manage more implements at the same time, with consequent improvement in their productivity. In addition, the tractors are able to operate power-hungry implements with ease.

The new Engine Speed Management system accommodates fluctuations in engine load while maintaining the desired engine speed. The operator can set two different speeds and toggle between them with a simple switch. This is a simple and extremely fuel-efficient feature that adds to the excellent Total Cost of Ownership of the T4 FNV series.

The new T4FNV Series is capable of exceeding the expectations of even the most demanding customers with the industry-leading safety of the Blue Cab 4TM, the powerful performance and class leading efficiency of the engine, and the ultimate productivity of its powerful front HPL and PTO.

TK 4 crawler tractors deliver best-in-class performance raising safety and comfort to new level

The new Stage IIIB TK4 Series, which has now been brought in line with the family styling of the T4FNV tractors, maintains its performance leadership in the segment while raising the bar on operator comfort and safety.

Operator comfort comes first with new operator station and ATS layout

The new TK4 Series introduces new dust and hot-air protection on a tractor typically employed in harsh and dusty conditions. This adds to the comfort provided by the silent-block suspended platform, the ergonomic control layout and the Steering-O-Matic Plus™ driving system. The ATS layout has been specifically designed for the TK4 crawler models in order to keep the low centre of gravity that is so important for these tractors that work on steep slopes. A 500 kg ballast, supported by a strengthened front axle, adds weight to the front of the tractor to balance heavier implements.

Best-in-class performance with the new electronic injection and after-treatment system

The new TK4 models feature an FPT Industrial 4-cylinder, 8-valve engine with turbo-intercooler and Cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation. They meet Stage IIIB standards while increasing their proven best-in-class power and torque performance. The electronic engine with optimised performance is also exceptionally fuel efficient.

The widest product offering on the market of the successful predecessor TK4000 has been maintained in the TK4 Series. Significant improvements have been made in order to improve operator comfort and serviceability, while keeping best-in-class performance and exclusive features such as SmartTraxTM, factory installed cab, and Steering-O-Matic Plus.



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