• 15-JUN-2013

Dan Halliday’s ‘dream job’ showcases New Holland’s international career opportunities


New Holland Agriculture employee Dan Halliday

The great-grandson of a Leicestershire dairy farmer is showing the world he truly has agriculture in his blood as he lights the way for those standing at the gates of an agricultural career.

Progressing from a UK dealership to a global position in product management, Dan Halliday exemplifies the strides that are possible at New Holland where employees’ passion and dedication are rewarded by the company’s training, cutting edge technology and global opportunities.

Having joined New Holland in 2008, he is now Global Product Manager, based in the USA, responsible for precision farming and guidance, which he says is his “dream job” granting him travelling experience and fresh challenges every day.

“Today having experience within my roles and New Holland, I think that the autonomy within the company is second to none,” he said. “This is exactly the kind of business opportunity I wanted, one where you bring colleagues on-board but also drive your own strategies and ideas.

“Moving to a new country, new crops to experience, new farming practices, a new set of dealers as well as all of the cultural differences through actually living in another country have simply been incredible for me. I think sometimes in life you have to go outside of your comfort zone.”

Dan’s first role was as a Sales Specialist for a dealership in Central-Southern England. It was the “new challenge” he needed after three years at the University of Reading undertaking Management Accounting with the Farm Business Survey Team following the completion of his agricultural degree

He then moved on to become a Retail Sales Product Specialist for the PLM (Precision Land Management) product portfolio – supporting both his New Holland colleagues and the dealer network in the UK and ROI.

A switch in role to Combine Specialist came before Dan left the UK team in 2010 for Australia to become PLM Product Manager for ANZ – heading up the brand strategy and product management for all PLM products in these markets.

Now a New Holland Global Product Manager in Burr Ridge, Chicago, he is a crucial link between a range of managers and engineers, as well as providing key product information and putting the case for new product development to meet even better the demands of customers.

Dan said: “I knew as soon as I began working for New Holland that I wanted to gradually work my way higher within the company – the same way that I had within the Young Farmers Club (YFC) movement where I became National Chairman in 2007.

“I never intended to travel overseas but fate has a funny way of presenting opportunities at the right time.

“For both of my moves the New Holland teams at both ends, as well as company HR, have been a great support in easing any transition – I have been given two great opportunities and am now living in country number three!”

And his guiding aim? “I would like to be a Global Director within the New Holland brand – this has been my aim for several years now. My international placements will continue to provide me with a balanced experience of Agriculture the world over, and hopefully this will assist this aim.

“Precision Agriculture is my passion within the company today and I hope to continue driving this part of the business into the future.”

​15 June 2013