• 21-JUL-2014

New Holland Roll-Belt™ variable chamber round baler: 40 years of continous development


  • Forty years of New Holland round baling excellence
  • New ActiveSweep™ option: ideal for gentle crop handling 

Over the past 40 years, New Holland has produced over 235,000 roll belt balers, which is testament to their continuing global appeal. In celebration of this significant milestone, all new Roll-Belt models will feature a 40-year decal which will also mark the success of these new models. The latest generation has redefined round baling with advanced roll belt technology that can improve capacity by up to 20% and density by up to 5%.

New Holland introduced the new Roll-Belt™ variable chamber baler series in 2013, featuring customised feeding systems like the SuperFeed™ and CropCutter™ rotor options. The new ActiveSweep™ crop processing solution offers a further choice to enable tailored baling.

New ActiveSweep™ option: ideal for gentle crop handling

Available on both Roll-Belt 150 and Roll-Belt 180 models, ActiveSweep has been  purpose-developed by New Holland to transfer the crop directly from the pick-up to the bale chamber for gentle handling. Ideally suited to those wishing maintain  long unbroken stems, ActiveSweep is perfect for baling hay and straw, minimising losses and producing a  bale that can be unrolled for easy feeding or bedding.

Despite its simplicity, ActiveSweep delivers excellent productivity. The `W’ pattern tines actively feed the material into the bale chamber. Specifically designed feeder strippers prevent valuable crop being lost between the fingers and also prevent productivity impacting clogging. The new Roll-Belt ActiveSweep has a capacity increase up to 20% compared to the previous stuffer system.

“ActiveSweep has been introduced to complement  the rotor SuperFeed™ and professional CropCutter variants,” says Bob Hatz, Head of Hay and Forage Product Management. “This new feeding system has been designed for traditional  hay and straw focused operations together with those which specialize in alfalfa and that are looking to preserve long unbroken crop. The new ActiveSweep design innovation  add up to an impressive 20% increase in capacity, making the baling process more efficient and profitable.”

ModelBale height (minimum-maximum [m])Bale width (m)Minimum PTO horsepower required (hp[CV])
RollBelt 1500.90 - 1.51.260
RollBelt 1800.90 - 1.81.270