• 06-NOV-2018

STEYR CVT personalized edition


Your neighbours’ heads will turn when you drive a customised STEYR CVT. In a campaign limited to just 200 units, STEYR will add the name of the customer to the model designation on request for each newly purchased STEYR CVT. There are seven models with a power range of between 150 and 240 HP in all.
My name on the bonnet.
The STEYR CVT is a living legend. More than 40,000 CVT’s sold have proven their worth in grassland, fields, woodland and municipalities. 200 STEYR customers now have a unique opportunity with this limited edition to give their new CVT a name. Your neighbours’ heads will turn! Each customer can customise his new CVT at www.your-steyr-cvt.com, see a preview of how his own name will look on the STEYR, and then contact the nearest dealer. For example, the side of the bonnet could say “6240 GREGOR CVT”. By the way, Gregor is STEYR brand ambassador Gregor Bloéb, who has made a video to show you the potential effect of the customised CVT, and make you smile at the same time. The ad is available for viewing on STEYR’s social media.

Packs a punch under the bonnet.
With the latest updates (improved front axle, higher payload, Quick Turn II, S-Brake), the continuously-variable gearbox and power rating of between 150 and 240 HP, the STEYR CVT is the perfect workhorse. Outstanding gearbox construction ensures excellent performance and provides the range of seven models with its name: CVT stands for Continuously Variable Transmission and describes a gearbox with a range of continuously variable ratios. The ECOTECH engine concept and its environmentally friendly Hi-eSCR 6.7 L turbo diesel system with intercooling and Common Rail injection, complying with EU emission stage IV, ensures sustainable profitability. Thanks to ISOBUS III, the implement can control the tractor, for example stopping, steering, etc. All the more reason to become the envy of your neighbours with the new, customised STEYR CVT.
St. Valentin, 06.11. 2018