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GPS, used in conjunction with the comprehensive coverage of the RTK+ network, provides precise positional navigation and steering. STEYR S-TECH guarantees 100% network coverage and uses the revolutionary xFill technology to bridge signal losses of up to 20 minutes. That translates into field work with pass-to-pass accuracy of as little as 2.5 centimetres. So S-TECH relieves driver workload while also reducing operating costs. Or to put it simply: S-TECH saves time and money.

S-TECH: The right thing for farmers and agricultural businesses
The automatic, DIPS-based steering system S-Guide works to the highest standards of precision with a repeatable accuracy level down to 2.5 cm (RTK+). This not only assures parallel track guidance but, with S-Turn, is able to turn automatically at the end of a wayline. Once headland boundaries are entered, the tractor can also process these areas perfectly. Therefore, even when terrain conditions are tough and visibility is poor, there is no risk of overlaps or gaps.

Every centimetre counts for true practitioners.
For farmer Tobias Krumphuber, it really comes down to every centimetre of each field. Right from the time he purchased his STEYR CVT 6160, he decided to let RTK control the track guidance of his tractor to a precision of 2.5 cm. As he asserts, “with corn, wheat and barley, I need tracks to be as straight as possible, and that's what RTK does so exceptionally well”. He also had S-Turn retrofitted. He underwent his training on the new system via a conference call with his dealer.
“Without precision , nothing here works at all”, explains Josef Engl, an engineer from the Reichersberg plant breeding station, pointing to their 800 plots of test land. “In the past, we first had to measure, stake out and mark up all the surface areas using analogue equipment before we could plant seed”, he continues. “Then you need to have someone to coordinate the precise point where sowing commences”. With the RTK steering system, the test plots are managed more precisely, not to mention much more quickly, making the job a great deal easier.
“With the RTK system and S-Guide on my STEYR 4130 Profi CVT, I was convinced immediately: really professional work, no overlaps, and operating materials can be economised”, states Ludwig Hartl, a farmer from the Inn region. With the 4135 Profi CVT, S-Turn is now making its début on his farm: “With S-Turn I can leave the headlands more easily, stay right on track, and can get going immediately. That is just simply more convenient. It means I can work into every corner without any problem, and I always know precisely when the next lane to drive is coming.

High-tech to suit all needs.
There are many different versions of S-TECH with different levels of precision - from the simple retrofit solution with GPS-based EZ-Pilot through to the integrated fully rigged version with an STECH 700 touchscreen monitor. As well as GPS, S-TECH uses GLONASS satellites, giving maximum stability. RTK signals are transmitted via whichever GSM network has the best reception, which means optimum signal transmission. If signal losses occur due to the terrain, they can be bridged for up to 20 minutes using a technology called xFill. Your STEYR dealer offers all-round service for your S-TECH system, provides an optimum correction signal and organises product training courses through the S-TECH Academy.

Automatic steering with S-Guide.
S-Guide self-steering systems deliver unbeatable reliability and reduce the driver's workload. They assure the same level of precision year after year. The system is supplied ex-factory after the full range of STEYR quality checks. S-Guide can be adapted to suit the exact needs of any farmer, and it boosts accuracy, efficiency and productivity. With the help of the S-Guide steering system, you can prevent missed areas or overlaps during field work. In addition, the system can produce maps of the field surface areas. This saves time, fuel and also money. With its fully integrated automatic steering system, S-Guide helps to increase speed and efficiency during planting and sowing work, and guarantees straight, repeatable lanes.

Maximum precision on headlands.
For a long time, track guidance lines in the corners of fields were rounded. S-Guide now makes it possible to follow the field's right-angled geometry. It makes it possible to reach every corner - a great advantage, especially on fields with complex geometry! That is because it is possible to work right into the last corner with maximum precision. When recording the first lane along the outermost line of the field, all headland references are recorded and saved.

Everything really easy.
S-Turn is a revolutionary function that makes it possible to perform automatic headland turns. S-Turn calculates the optimum turning radius within the headland limit as well as the outermost field limits. This enables STEYR drivers to work more efficiently and more comfortably than ever before.

Precise lanes in the field.
The counting of waylines manually in order to select lanes correctly, and the lane errors that this entailed, are now all things of the past. That is because, in the 3D field maps on the S-TECH 700 touchscreen monitor, the waylines that constitute a lane are marked out. This makes it simple and accurate to set up lanes, so assuring problem-free sowing, into the night.

S-FLEET telematics solutions.
S-FLEET enables you to call up real-time operational data from your machine via the mobile phone network. This allows your machinery fleet manager to remain in contact with your machines and drivers at all times, which increases productivity and assures optimum organisation of the vehicle fleet.

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