• 13-NOV-2018



RTK+ already ensures high precision with STEYR S-GUIDE. European Galileo satellites now operate in addition to American GPS and Russian GLONASS signals. A greater number of satellites means e.g. a more reliable signal in woodland areas. More precise application of materials, better documentation, greater efficiency: STEYR supports the sustainable development of farms 

From January 2019, STEYR will launch an even more reliable version of RTK+ in the initial European markets with improved geographical coverage: The signals of the current 26 European Galileo satellites will be integrated alongside the GPS and GLONASS signals used at present. This enhancement of RTK+ means significant improvements for farmers and contractors who already work with the high precision of S-GUIDE: The greater accuracy when it comes to position and timing, such as during application of pesticides and fertilisers is of considerable benefit both financially and environmentally.
For Maxime Rocaboy, head of STEYR S-TECH Product Marketing EMEA, the benefits of the enhanced RTK+ are quite clear: “Use of this satellite navigation system, which is extremely precise and available almost everywhere, opens up a whole new range of options for farmers and contractors. It gives them detailed information on their land and crops like never before, and realises all the potential benefits of the STEYR S-GUIDE. 
Maximum benefit in practical use
Together with the current RTK+ signal basis, not only is precise monitoring and documentation of material application possible, but also recording and documentation of field-specific yields and efficiency, even on parcels of land which to date have been located partly or completely in a dead zone. The reliability of the entire system is also improved significantly by the additional Galileo signals. 
Use of the additional signals requires a new receiver, as the current technology does not cover the new frequency ranges. Receivers as well as information on availability of the new RTK+ in individual markets are available for interested customers from their STEYR dealer.
Under civilian control
In contrast to GPS and GLONASS, the Galileo programme was launched by the European Union, and is under full civilian administration and control. Integration of the Galileo signals is aimed at ending European dependence on other signal sources, but is also designed to ensure maximum compatibility with existing and planned global systems for satellite-based navigation (GNSS) like GPS and GLONASS, etc. The integration of a greater number of satellites is of huge benefit however in places where availability of the previous signals was either limited by topography, building development, woodland or by large individual trees. 
St. Valentin, 29.10.2018