• 30-NOV-2016

STEYR S-Tech solutions updated for even greater operator comfort and precision


S-Guide parallel lane guidance: Automatic 'S-Turn' turning / New lane functions / Angled headland contours / Shape File import for field boundaries / Variable spacing for attached implements / xFill premium / S-Fleet telematics: 2-way data transfer for machine data and ISOXML data for the Task Controller / Improved display of vehicle positions in the field / Flex Command 7 Tablet
STEYR S-Guide: Automatic headland turns, accurate to the last corner, and knowing every track
STEYR will be exhibiting a substantial update for its S-Tech solutions at Agraria 2016. The S-Guide parallel lane guidance system is capable of operating across Austria to an accuracy of 2.5 centimetres with the Steyr RTK+ network and the S-Turn function enables tractors to perform automatic headland turns, guiding them accurately into the next lane. This means that the vehicle can continue to the next lane perfectly from the outset, and without any driver involvement. This delivers a precise outcome and greatly helps to relieve the driver's workload. S-Turn can be set individually and works with towed as well as with attached implements. The driver is able to adjust parameters such as the width of the headland, the shape of the curve when turning or the starting point for the turn. S-Turn will be available in the first half of 2017 and has to be activated with an unlock code which is available at your local dealership – a charge is applicable here – and can be implemented on all previous S-Guide systems with S-Tech-700 monitor.
The need for the driver to count the lanes that have been cultivated has become a thing of the past. This source of error has been eliminated thanks to the 3D field maps in the S-Tech-700 monitor. Tracks in which a lane was set up, or needs to be set up, are colour-coded. The improved lane management now makes it possible to make simultaneous use of lane-skipping and track functions.
Automatic lane guidance systems have long since rounded off the corners in headland turns. Corners need to be cultivated manually. With a new corner function, it is now possible to cultivate every arable field right up to the last centimetre of each corner. This is a great advantage because, immediately after the working implement engages in a headland corner, the S-Guide steering system is activated and can be processed with complete accuracy.
Compatible with Shape File data
Field boundaries can now also be imported into the S-Guide system in Shape File format. Different types of Shape File data such as application maps for sowing, fertilising or the spreading of insecticide can be produced externally and inserted using a USB pen drive in an existing port on the S-Tech-700 monitor. In practice, this saves the system the need to produce an entirely new file using external desktop software – and that saves valuable time. Where no corresponding .cn1 folder has yet been produced, it is a quick and easy process to import Shape Files and to set up a new and corresponding cn1 file.
With ISOBUS devices, it is possible to use the Section Control function single-handed. This makes the setting process simpler and saves time because no documentation is needed by the ISOBUS Task Controller. When the headland is used to the full, the automatic Section Control function ensures that all tools are used economically and efficiently. The latest update on the STEYR-S-Tech-700 monitors now makes it possible to adjust the distance between attached implement and rear axle manually. This makes mapping even more precise. Complex operating procedures in the headlands can be programmed using the EasyTronic 2 headland management system, and can be initiated by pressing a button. The hydraulic control valves can also be assigned individually to control levers and to the joystick on the armrest.
Maximum operational safety with RTK
The possibilities of precision farming are becoming ever more diverse and wide-ranging. At the same time, they are becoming much simpler to operate. Farming that is accurate to the nearest centimetre is now possible right across Austria thanks to the STEYR-S-Tech-RTK+ network. The RTK+ signal makes it possible to achieve a lane-to-lane precision level of 2.5 centimetres and can be repeated at any time. xFill Premium is a new function that makes it possible to continue working seamlessly without a time limit if the RTK correction signal is interrupted and the existing xFill bridging signal terminates after the standard 20 minute period, or if precision drops below 4 centimetre accuracy. To obtain xFill Premium, an annual licence has to be purchased. The existing xFill (bridging for up to 20 minutes) remains free of charge.
Being networked is smart
On the STEYR-S-Fleet telematics system, the depiction of vehicle positions in the field has been improved. The 'Fleet History Map' now shows the direction of travel and, using colour codes, it also indicates the activity. This makes it easier for driver and dealer to understand the vehicle activities and the areas of land covered. Dealer access is another innovation. STEYR customers can provide their dealers on request with the telemetry data of their tractor(s). This enables dealers to provide better levels of customer support. With the latest update, 2-way data transfer is now possible on the monitor for all supported file formats (.cn1, ISOXML). Shape File application maps can also be transmitted via the portal to the S-Tech-700 system.
S-Tech becomes mobile
The FlexCommand-7 Tablet provides a highly accessible and convenient portal for precision crop farming. This robust 7-inch tablet is equipped with the functionalities of S-Tech monitors and it offers maximum flexibility since it can easily be moved from one vehicle to another, and can also be brought into the office or out to advisory meetings held off-site. The tablet is equipped with Bluetooth and WiFi, is protected against dust and  spray water and can use mobile receivers wherever these are available. It can also be used to control section-related data from ISOBUS devices.
St. Valentin, 30.11.2016