• 16-MAY-2014

Case upgrades its Skid Steer And Compact Tracked Loader Line-Up



Case Construction Equipment has updated its skid steer loader and compact tracked loader ranges to offer more engine and hydraulic power, best in class breakout forces, increased productivity and lower emissions, while maintaining outstanding cab space and all-round visibility, over a broader spread of machines. The 10 compact models - seven skid steers and three tracked loaders - deliver improved efficiency through the use of environmentally-friendly Tier 4 engine solutions, providing customers with increased power and torque and reduced operating costs.

Power And Control

Case continues to lead the market in the adoption of Tier 4 engine emissions technology, with a range of solutions to suit individual models and applications.  Case is offering an upgraded small-frame model, the SR160 to replace the SR150, one of the company’s best-sellers. The new model has a larger and cleaner engine delivering up to 15% more power. The 60hp turbocharged Tier 4 Final engine has been installed without any impact on the machine’s compact dimensions.

The smallest SR130 is now powered by a 2.2-litre 49hp Tier 4 Interim engine, that uses internal cooled exhaust gas recirculation (CEGR) without the need of additional particulate filters.

The mid-range SV185 and SR175 skid steers are powered by Tier 4F engines delivering 60hp and 67hp respectively. However through the use of a turbocharger and high-powered common rail fuel injection with electronic control, there is no requirement for regeneration on these engines. A maintenance-free diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) system enables compliance with stringent Tier 4F.

Similarly the SR200 and TR270 machines that use a 74hp turbocharged engine can meet Tier 4i without regeneration. The most powerful SR250, SV300, TR320 and TV380 models all use a 90hp turbocharged engine with multiple injection high pressure common rail, plus an electronically controlled wastegate that delivers superior pressure stability within the turbocharger. Fuel injection, exhaust gas recirculation and DPF after-treatment are managed by an efficient control module, to allow this engine to meet the Tier 4i emissions standards.

All of these technological engine designs allow the Case skid steers and compact loaders to perform like competitive machines from a class above, delivering improved productivity and easier operation for the customer. The SR160 is a typical example of the improvements that have been made, offering customers 15% more power, 27% more torque and a 19% increase in hydraulic flow compared to the previous, similarly sized, SR150.

Broader Range

The extended Case line-up now includes five radial lift skid steers (SR), two radial lift tracked loaders (TR), two vertical lift skid steers (SV) and one vertical lift path tracked machine (TV). With operating weights of 2,300kg to 3,765kg for the skid steers and 3,720kg to 4,625kg for the tracked loaders, there is a machine to suit every application. The compact machines deliver rated operating capacities (50%) of 590kg through to 1,723kg and tipping loads of 1,179kg to 3,447kg. Operating capacities on every model can be further increased by mounting additional counterweights on the rear part of the machine.

The proven Case Power Stance skid steer chassis rides on a 21% longer wheelbase, delivering improved stability and comfort for the operator. This additional length also permits higher lift capacities and breakout forces. The lift arm cylinder geometry, pushing directly onto the chassis, adds to the pushing capabilities of the machines, delivering best in class bucket and lift arm breakout forces.

Improved Operator Comfort

All models benefit from an operator’s cab that is 25% wider than on previous generation machines. With plenty of room for the operator get comfortable, the Case loaders deliver more headroom and legroom than any competitive model, reducing fatigue and boosting productivity throughout the working day. A wide door, repositioned grab handles and a lower threshold all contribute to easier entry and exit from the cab. All models have suspension seating, with heated seats available as an option. When specified with full glazing the cab offers a sealed, dust-free environment with lower noise levels.

With a full 890mm cab width the Case loaders offer excellent visibility all around the machine. Larger side windows and ultra-thin wire side-screens, while a low cab threshold ensures a clear line of sight to the wheels or tracks, to the attachment and the working area. Innovative side lights on the cab A-pillar provide an improved view of the work area in winter months and in low light conditions.

Customers can choose between standard mechanical controls or electro-hydraulic servo levers. These controls feature multiple speed and sensitivity settings that allow the operator to set the machine to work according to their preferences and to the task at hand. Ride Control and Self-Levelling are available as options, boosting productivity and comfort levels for the operator.

Heavy Duty Performance

All Case skid steers and compact tracked loaders are designed to work in the toughest conditions, benefitting from the strength of the one-piece Case Power Stance chassis. This design helps to transfer operating loads to the strongest part of the machine - the chassis - for maximum digging efficiency. It also delivers increased reliability, as the loader arm pins do not have to absorb the full working load.

The compact tracked loaders feature a simple, robust undercarriage that has been designed to work in tough terrain. A rigid track frame with fewer moving parts delivers improved durability and less maintenance than a suspension type track system. The raised final drive has an oversized bearing for increased component life, while lifetime sealed and oil-lubricated rollers and idlers reduce the possibility of dirt and sand ingress.

All Case skid steers and CTLs share the same wide cab structure, which can be tilted forward to allow easy access to service points for extended maintenance. With all filters grouped together, environmental drain hoses and easy to access to the battery and service points. Even with the increasingly sophisticated technology required to meet Tier 4 standards, the Case compact loader range is simple to maintain, ensuring maximum uptime for the customer.

As one of the most versatile machines on site, the Case skid steer loader and compact tracked loader ranges can be ordered with a huge range of attachments, from wheeled excavators and compactors, to planers, broom buckets and even cement mixers. Standard hydraulic couplers and Connect Under Pressure (CUP) fittings allow rapid changes between attachments without additional tools. Many attachments can also now be changed without the operator having to leave the safety and comfort of the cab, thanks to the optional hydraulic coupler.

Total Telematic Confidence

All Case skid steers and tracked loaders are prepared for Case SiteWatch. SiteWatch is a telematic system that automatically sends machine data to the Case Telematics Web Portal. SiteWatch allows the customer to see machines at work on site, monitoring performance, fuel consumption and hours worked, to provide planned preventative maintenance. As the SiteWatch system is geo-located it also provides a power theft deterrent, delivering GPS tracking of the machines and geofencing of equipment on site. An accelerometer included in the modem instantly detects unexpected machine movement, even if the engine is turned off.

Turin, 16 May, 2014