On certain key industrial matters, the Board of Directors is advised by the Group Executive Council (GEC). The GEC is an operational decision-making body of CNH Industrial, which is responsible for reviewing the operating performance of the businesses and making decisions on certain operational matters.

The GEC is composed of its CEO and 4 main groups

Chief Operating Officers

This first group consists of four Regional Operating Groups. Each is the responsibility of a Chief Operating Officer (COO), who drives the organization via a regional management team. The COOs are accountable for Profit and Loss of their region, the management of regional resources, including manufacturing and commercial activities.

Brand Presidents

The second group reflects the Company's focus and emphasis on its brands. Each of the global brands is represented in the GEC, and the brand leaders are accountable for worldwide brand P&L performance. Their responsibility is to improve and develop an appropriate brand portfolio and to drive the development of adequate commercial and marketing strategies in each of the Group's operating regions.

Industrial and Commercial Officers

The third group is composed of industrial and commercial leaders. They drive process and performance consistency and rigor across the operating regions, ensure overall coherence of platform architecture, technology and supply base, and optimize the Group's capital allocation.

Corporate and Support Officers

The final group is composed of support/corporate leaders, who drive process consistency across the operating regions/brands, and facilitate and support cross-region/segment initiatives.