• 19-JAN-2017



5 Models, 126-250 (94-186 kW) Engine Horsepower: Case IH Windrowers offer the ultimate in performance and operator comfort. With up to 250 hp power, WD windrowers handle heavy crops, wet conditions and hillsides with ease.

WD4 Windrower Enhancements
Whether you are cutting hay or swathing canola, extra horsepower to muscle through the tough spots is a welcome addition, especially when that power doesn’t come at the cost of efficiency. Enhancements include:
  • Our patented Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) only exhaust aftertreatment technology to meet Tier 4 B/Final emissions requirements
  • Road speeds up to 24 mph
  • Updated hydraulic steering system
  • Improved field drivability
  • Dual-circuit hydraulic system
  • Integrated AFS Pro 700 control center
Higher Capacity Farming
  • The Dual Circuit Hydraulic System results in faster cutting speeds while maintaining a clean cut and a well formed windrows in draper applications
  • Road speeds of up to 24 mph allows you to get from field to field faster
  • Independent rear axle suspension allows you to travel at faster ground speeds without sacrificing harvest quality and operator comfort
  • Cover more acres in less time with a 40-foot draper header
Power-Packed Engines
Emission-compliant, biodiesel-approved engines provide muscle to handle heavy loads, wet conditions and hillsides without slowdown.
Other features include:
  • Turbocharger
  • Air-to-air intercooling
  • Computer-aided-design parent bore block with contoured outer surface for increased overall block strength and reduced noise and vibration
  • WD1504: Four-cylinder, 4.5L (274-CID) with mechanical fuel injection
  • WD2104 & WD2504: Six-cylinder, 6.75-L (411-CID) with electronic fuel injection
AFS Fully Integrated
Case IH windrowers utilize the AFS Pro 700 display. The AFS Pro 700 monitor is utilized on several other Case IH equipment offerings, making the displays tranferable to other eqiupment for ease of use.

Service, Made Easy
  • The swing-out door behind the cab and lift-up side shields provide easy access to the engine and key maintenance points
  • The rotary self-cleaning radiator screen keeps air flowing without restriction to the radiator
  • The hinged swing-out cover opens wide to allow access to the air-conditioning condenser, hydraulic oil cooler, radiator and intercooler
  • 120-gal (454L) fuel capacity and 19-gal (71.9L) DEF capacity means you can work a day without refills
  • Fuel fill, hydraulic reservoir and hydraulic filters are accessible from ground level
  • Conditioning roll pressure can be adjusted with a single hand crank
  • Windrow shields and swath boards easily adjust without tools
The Ultimate in Cab Comfort and Function
MultiFunction Handle
  • The MultiFunction Handle is available on all models
  • Handle features several ergonomic enhancements for increased operator productivity and comfort​
Heated Leather Seat
  • Offers a leather seat option
  • The package include both the operator and instructor seats
  • Offers increased comfort during those long days in the field
Deluxe Lighting Package
Offers an optional LED forward and rear facing work and stubble lighting package for optimal night time visibility.
  • The front LED light package includes 4 LED work lights in the roof line and 2 halogen lights
  • The rear LED light package includes 2 rear facing LED work lights and 2 LED stubble lights​
Current Models:
  • WD1504: The 4-cylinder, Tier 4 B/Final compliant WD1504 delivers 150 horsepower to provide the power and efficiency you need.
  • WD2104: The 6-cylinder, Tier 4 B/Final compliant WD2104 delivers 210 horsepower providing you the power you need to muscle through tough spots.
  • WD2504: The 6-cylinder, Tier 4 B/Final compliant WD2504 delivers 250 horsepower providing maximum performance to handle heavy crops, wet conditions and hillsides with ease.
  • WD1203: The 4-cylinder WD1203, with industry leading features like independent hydraulic header flotation and one of the most comfortable cabs, delivers 126 horsepower.
  • WD1903: The 6-cylinder WD1903 delivers 190 horsepower and is designed to provide the performance and reliability you need, day after day, acre after acre.