• 31-AUG-2018



North America welcomes its largest outdoor farm show, the Farm Progress Show, from August 28th to 30th in Boone, Iowa. Here, farmers, agribusinesses and brands gather from all over the world to discover what’s new in the agriculture world, in terms of technologies, products and equipment.
FPT Industrial didn’t miss the chance to exhibit its solutions, collaborating with its sister brand New Holland Agriculture. Visitors to the New Holland Agriculture lot #1048 will have the opportunity to learn more about FPT Industrial engines, located next to the vehicle they’re powering.
Belonging to the renowned NEF series, the N67 is exhibited near the T7 tractor in the Cash Crop tent at the New Holland Agriculture booth. Characterized by a 6.7-liter displacement, the N67 combines high performance – with a power up to 313 hp – and low operating costs, due to a low fuel consumption and a maintenance-free ATS, FPT Industrial's HI-eSCR Tier 4B technology (New Holland Agriculture’s ECOBlue™). Plus, its efficiency is granted by the EGR-free architecture and by the second generation Common Rail injection system whilst its compact design facilitates its installation.
Finally, relying on more than 1.7 million NEF engines produced since 2001, the N67 ensures reliability, robustness and durability in any working conditions.
The N67 is a record-performance engine: an N67 equipped the New Holland Agriculture's "Braud 9090X" harvester that was capable to harvest the incredible amount of 197.6 tons of grapes during an eight-hour test session, corresponding to nearly 200,000 bottles of Shiraz wine. This new and impressive performance took place at the end of March in Waikerie, South Australia, on a 7-hectare Shiraz red-grape parcel and was verified by the certification company SGS. 
At Farm Progress Show, FPT Industrial displays even its flagship engine, the V20. Dedicated to harvesting applications that require top power, the V20 is located near the top-of-the-range New Holland Agriculture FR920 Forage Cruiser.
The FPT V20 is a 20-liter engine with a 90° V8 (8 cylinder) architecture, delivering a maximum power of up to 910 hp @ 2100 rpm and maximum torque of up to 4,100 Nm @ 1,500 rpm. Thanks to the 2,200 bar Common Rail Injection system and ECU (Electronic Control Unit) – the same adopted by FPT Industrial Cursor engine family – it has an high system efficiency and low fluid consumption. Additional reliability is driven by the EGRfree system, high resistance materials and single-stage WG turbocharging.
Besides, the V20 is best-in-class for power-to-weight ratio (13% more than V12 cylinder competitors’ average with the same power), and for compactness in its category. Other benefits include fuel savings (up to 2%, compared to V12 cylinder engine averages) and a one-sided serviceability, allowing an easy accessibility via the vehicle hood. Finally, the single cylinder heads are composed of high-resistance nodular cast iron, which ensures higher performance with 220 bar PCP and easier serviceability. 
Turin, August 29, 2018