• 30-OCT-2017

New Holland Adds T9.530 and T9.565 HP Track Units to Complete Full-Line Offering


New Holland expanded its T9 Series 4WD tractors to include two all-new mid-range models, T9.530 and T9.565, bringing the total to five products offering track options.

“By adding the T9.530 and 565 models to the series, we’re offering a greater range of selection in regards to horsepower,” said Ken Paul, T7, T8 & T9 Product Marketing Manager for New Holland. “We’ve also got two belt choices with standard traction lug or our industry exclusive deep traction lug which significantly enhances performance by delivering superior traction, all to meet our customers’ demands and specific farming needs.”

Offering two track options, the industry exclusive Hi-Idler or Standard track and extended durability, New Holland T9 Series tractors with tracks utilize more drive lug engagement, which reduces load per lug while delivering more power disbursement for superior pulling capability. Wider track footprints cover more ground contact area, providing superior traction and better flotation, which contributes to easier handling of larger and heavier implements.

Additionally, the spacious atmosphere inside a T9 series tractor cab offers maximum comfort and class-leading maneuverability. Designed with no mid-roller directly under the track module pivot point, reducing ride impact for maximum operator comfort while the 38 degree articulation on standard track models, deliver quicker headland turns.

T9 Series 4WD tractors are available with either Standard track or New Holland’s industry-exclusive Hi-Idler tracks, with the exception of T9.530 and 565 models which are available only in the Standard option. For more information on each available model’s performance features, serviceability, convenience and configurations, visit www.newholland.com.

October 30, 2017