• 03-FEB-2017

Front Loaders and Attachments


Deluxe Compact Loaders
  • Curved Boom design for outstanding strength and visibility
  • Behind the wheel, you can easily see to the top edge of the bucket, allowing you to work confidently even when close to walls, foundations or other objects.
  • Easy on, Easy off
  • Lock your loader to your tractor's mounting bracket with ease.
  • The mid-mount design makes hookup easy and allows for complete turning, regardless of tire size, for easy maneuverability in confined spaces.
  • The smooth-back, industrial-style bucket is designed so that sticky material can be cleaned away easily.
Economy Compact Loaders
  • These loaders offer construction-grade toughness at a value price with all the features you need to get the job done well.
  • Durable components, such as heavily reinforced frames, durable chromed hydraulic cylinder rods and non-rotating, rifle-drilled pins, deliver excellent reliability and long life.
  • Attach or remove in minutes, without tools.
  • Heavy-duty 60-inch and 68-inch buckets are available for tough working conditions. Both buckets are available with reversible bolt-on cutting edges for longer edge life.
Heavy-Duty Rotary Cutters
  • 750 and 760 Series heavy-duty rotary cutters are rugged, hard-working and designed to cover more ground quickly as you shred thick weeds, stocks and brush.
  • Designed for use with utility, mid-range and high-horsepower tractors ranging from 40-150 hp and quipped with a Category II hitch.
  • Choose from three cutting widths: 72, 84 or 96 inches, featuring heavy-duty ½ x 4-inch high-vacuum blades for a smooth, clean cut.
  • Heavy-duty gearbox features a 1/2 inch gearbox plate for added reinforcement, and a five-year gearbox warranty limited to defects in workmanship and materials provides peace of mind.
  • Power through and around obstacles without harming your cutter, plus standard-equipment chain guards evenly deflect clippings.
  • Four-plate slip clutch and flexible top link provide extra protection.
Mid-Duty Rotary Cutters
  • Designed for years of reliable mowing on medium to larger properties, they're heavier, stronger and have greater cutting capacity than the competition.
  • Rugged four-plate slip clutch, flexible top link and 3/16-inch deck ring provide extra protection, and a five-year gearbox warranty limited to defects in workmanship and materials ensures peace of mind.
  • Heavy-duty 3/8 x 3 inch or ½ x 4 inch, heavy-duty high-vacuum blades give you a smooth, clean cut.
  • Power through and around obstacles without harming your cutter.
Value Rotary Cutters
  • Heavier decks and greater cutting capacity provide worry-free performance when mowing tall grass, light brush and weeds, at an economical price.
  • Heavy-duty components are designed for high performance and long-life
  • The reinforced 48 horsepower-rated gearbox includes a heavy-duty 3/8-inch plate for longer life and a shear pin to protect it and the cutter from hard objects.
  • Durable stump/debris jumper with laminated tail-wheel lets you power through and around obstacles without harming your cutter. Rounded rear deck aids cutting and debris flow for uniform results.
Pull-Type Rotary Cutters
  • Series pull-type rotary cutter to your 60-210 hp tractor equipped with a 540-rpm PTO, and you’ve got an all-purpose workhorse to take on your toughest jobs.
  • Updraft blades provide clean, even cutting, and a choice of two models featuring 120-inch rigid or 180-inch flex-wing cutting widths make short work of large areas and tough conditions.
  • Built tough for the long haul, these cutters feature heavy-duty, 7-guage decks for superior reliability, replaceable skid shoes and a five-year gear box warranty, limited to defects in workmanship/material, for peace of mind.
Disc Harrows
  • Add one to any Boomer™ compact or compact utility tractor with a three-point hitch and you'll level and smooth fields with ease.
  • 678 lbs. of weight allow the disk harrow to dig in for better performance.
  • Durable, notched blades on the front and rear level and smooth out fields in preparation for seeding, or to better manage crop residue
  • Sealed bearings provide durability and less maintenance.
Rotary Tillers
  • They're built to handle the daily demands of gardeners, nursery owners, landscapers and small farm owners, and are available in widths up to 72 inches so you can get more done with each pass.
  • The sturdy deck is constructed of steel and connects to your tractor's three-point hitch by a box section steel frame. Outside hitch pin brackets are adjustable for offset operations so you can till close to obstacles or buildings.
  • The 540-rpm PTO (Power Take Off) is slip-clutch protected to prevent driveline component damage.
  • Grease fittings mean longer life for driveline universal joints and rotor shaft bearings.
  • Convenient chain support makes adjusting shield height quick and easy.
  • Choose a heavy-duty model and get one-pass tilling with a powerful gearbox and high-speed tines with greater tip speed.
Landscape Rakes
  • Precision soil prep and leveling
  • 1-inch tine spacing provides better material collection and sifting.
  • Multiple angles let you set up your landscape rake for more precise soil preparation.
  • Pivot capability gives your landscape rake more operating flexibility.
Box Blades
  • Grade out surfaces and backfill low spots with a Work EZ Box Blade
  • Choose from eight different models, ranging from 4’ to 8’ working widths, to match your task and tractor horsepower.
  • Up to eight tempered, scarifier shanks provide superior strength and durability for breaking up hard ground.
  • No matter which make, model or year of compact or utility tractor you work with, if it has a three-point hitch, there’s a Work EZ implement ready to help you do more, for less.
Rear Blades
  • Whether you choose a light-duty, standard-duty or heavy-duty rear blade, you’ll accomplish more with features designed for outstanding durability and control.
  • Moldboards are curved for rigidity and strength, and provide plenty of room for scraped material to collect.
  • Easily adjust the tilt and angle to match job conditions, and get in close to obstacles with the convenient offset adjustment.
  • Get twice the useable life by reversing the cutting edge on your blade.
Front Blades
  • Choose from a bolt-on model or a range of Quick-Attach front blades that you can change quickly without tools.
  • The Quick-Attach system allows you to quickly change blades without tools and feature a spring-trip design, which allows the blade to pivot when it hits an obstruction.
  • Hydraulic power makes it easy to adjust the blade angle and height up to 30 degrees. An ergonomic joystick provides simple control of material delivery.
  • Skid shoes prevent gouging by maintaining the blade at a preset height.
  • The cutting edge is made of heat-treated, high-carbon steel. It's replaceable and reversible and bolts on for long life and easy maintenance.
Mid-Mount Finish Mowers
  • Mid-mount mowers from New Holland turn your tractor into a highly productive mowing machine. Get a precise cut around rocks, trees, plants and other obstacles while comfortably seeing what you’re doing.
  • All models feature high-speed blades that deliver an exceptional cut.
  • The flexible design lets the mid-mount mower move up and down as it follows the ground contour, for a smooth, even cut.
  • Quickly attach an optional bagging system to capture mower clippings.
  • When it is time to switch to your three-point hitch for rear-mounted implements, you don't have to remove the mid-mount mower, just lock it in the convenient raised position.
Rear-Mount Finish Mowers
  • 300 series rear-mount finishing mowers from New Holland make quick work of expansive areas like large homesteads, parks, golf courses and athletic fields.
  • The mower deck floats up and down to follow contours, providing a great cutting finish on rolling ground. All models are fitted with safety chains for added security.
  • Simply place or remove spacer bushings to adjust height.
  • Get the most from your mower with optional mulching and anti-scalping kits and solid rubber wheels or pneumatic tire kits (set of four includes wheels and forks).
Front-Snow Blowers
  • Cutting widths range from 50-72 inches to make short work of moving snow.
  • Save time with the Quick-Attach sub frame system that makes hookup simple with no tools required. It also accommodates front blades and rotary brooms using one, common hitch assembly and frame.
  • A powerful auger breaks up even compacted snow, and a strong impeller blows it up and out the adjustable chute. An open design prevents wet snow from building up around the auger.
  • The blower fan uses three or four blades for maximum fuel economy.
  • High carbon, heavy-duty shoes allow you to vary settings for efficient operation in changing conditions.
  • Shear bolts provide protection from hard objects and cutting edges are reversible and replaceable for long life and easy maintenance.
Rear-Snow Blowers
  • The rear snow blower attaches easily to your tractor’s three-point hitch to give you a powerful snow removal machine with the flexibility to get into confined spaces.
  • A powerful auger breaks up even compacted snow, and a strong impeller blows it up and out the adjustable chute. An open design prevents wet snow from building up around the auger.
  • The extra-large blower fan opening quickly moves large volumes of snow up and out of the discharge chute.
  • High carbon, heavy-duty shoes allow you to vary settings for efficient operation in changing conditions.
  • Shear bolts provide protection from hard objects and cutting edges are reversible and replaceable for long life and easy maintenance.
  • Easily adjust the direction of blown snow without leaving your seat.
Rotary Brooms
  • Choose from 43-, 55-, 60- and 67-inch broom widths to sweep away leaves, clippings and snow from paved areas, and even de-thatches lawns when used with the optional side caster wheels.
  • The Quick-Attach system makes it easy to attach and detach your rotary broom without tools.
  • Broom heads feature convoluted brushes with polypropylene bristles and no spacers, so every inch of the surface is swept.
  • 25-degree left/right angle maneuverability and gauge wheels keep the brush and surface in constant contact.
  • Mount and store your rotary broom easily. The parking stand protects the bristles during storage.
  • Optional Side Caster Wheels
Utility Backhoes
  • With their compact design, low overall height and minimum soil compaction, utility backhoes are a natural fit in small spaces.
  • The curved boom design provides increased visibility, so you have a clear view from the seat of your tractor.
  • Attaching and detaching your utility backhoe is a fast, one-person job with quick-coupling hydraulics and self-aligning rear hangers.
  • Two levers make it easy to operate the boom, dipper stick, bucket and swing.
  • A sleek design houses the controls without obstructing your view of your work.
  • A complete range of buckets is available to satisfy every digging requirement.
  • Whether you're lifting, loading, stacking or moving, the 805TL Series front-end loaders provide tough construction and smart design to enhance your performance.
  • Strong and rugged arm design featuring double C channel construction lets you handle bigger loads. Larger, premium hydraulic cylinders have increased capacity for better performance and improved productivity.
  • Located behind the torque tube and covered for added protection, the central hydraulic control valve distributes oil flow evenly to all loader cylinders for maximum lift and breakout.
  • A simple four-way joystick makes loader operation easy and with increased roll back angles, the operator keeps control of the loader and attachments with ease and helps to further minimize spillage.
  • It's easy on, easy off with the simple, no-tools Quick-Attach™ system. Simply drive in, roll back, and you're off to work.
  • Dampen shock loads from transmission to the tractor with the Soft Ride feature located inside the torque tube. This powerful shock absorber provides smoother operation and maneuvering with a choice of three manual positions to control shock up and/or down.
  • When you team the 600TL Series front-end loader with your New Holland tractor, you get the perfect combination of power and versatility for all your lifting, hauling moving and landscaping chores. An ergonomic joystick makes operation easy, and a choice of attachments lets you customize it to the task at hand.
  • The low-profile design allows maximum visibility when operating in tight spaces