• 29-AUG-2017

New Holland Agriculture Debuts Full PowerStar™ Family Lineup Ranging From 65 to 120 HP


New Holland Agriculture Debuts Full PowerStar™ Family Lineup Ranging From 65 to 120 HP
Designed with the small full-time farmer and hobby farmer in mind, New Holland Agriculture is expanding its lineup of durable, reliable, and comfortable PowerStar™ tractors to include the new PowerStar 65, PowerStar 75, PowerStar 90, PowerStar 100, PowerStar 110 and PowerStar 120. The new PowerStar family ensures that operators have the horsepower required to easily tackle the task at hand, whether it’s mowing, raking, and baling in the field or loading and stacking in the yard.

Each of the six PowerStar models are able to handle multiple tasks, and provide operators the options to customize their PowerStar to suit their needs. Customers can choose the standard 12x12 Power Shuttle transmission or upgrade to the 12x12 Mechanical Shuttle or the 20x20 Power Shuttle with Creeper. They can also select 2-wheel drive or 4-wheel drive configurations and equip their tractor with the Vision View™ cab or an open platform ROPS - both feature New Holland’s ergonomically designed Command Arc™ console that places controls along an arch to match natural arm movements.

“The PowerStar family is designed around the operator to provide the comfort, performance and efficiency needed to operate all day long in a range of conditions,” said Daniel Valen, Director of Product Marketing for New Holland North America. “The expanded lineup ensures operators have the power required to easily tackle the task at hand, whether it be raking, tedding, mowing or baling in the field, rotary cutting the back acreage, stacking bales or handling material with the front end loader.”

Maneuverable and versatile, all models are available in 2WD or electronic 4WD, HD 4WD. PowerStar tractors are ready for today’s work using tomorrow’s technology, with a class-leading 600-hour service interval, impressive fuel economy and simple daily checks to ensure simple maintenance and provide peace of mind.

The PowerStar lineup will be available in fall 2017. For more information on New Holland’s PowerStar family’s key features, visit www.newholland.com​​.

Fueling Innovation exemplifies the entrepreneurial spirit of finding alternative fuel sources, but it also follows our legacy of over 120 years of creating innovative and practical products for agriculture. From our Precision Land Management strategies, such as the NHDRIVE autonomous vehicle concept and our dedication to being the Clean Energy Leader, New Holland is committed to finding new and better ways to make innovative equipment accessible and more productive.

New Holland, Pa. (August 29, 2017)