• 23-JAN-2017

In-Line Rippers


Maximize yields — and profits — by conditioning crop residue and managing soil tilth, plant food availability and seedbed preparation.

Superior Seedbed Environment
Use Case IH in-line rippers to effectively manage post-harvest residue through sizing, placement and incorporation. You will create an environment that will:
  • Encourage proper seed placement
  • Help protect soil surface and water quality
  • Conserve resources
Promote Early Germination and Plant Emergence
Case IH in-line rippers promote early germination and plant emergence — critical factors in achieving maximum yields.

Place Nutrients in the Root Zone
Case IH in-line rippers with root zone banding place nutrients in the root zone where those nutrients are available for roots when plants need them most.
  • Create a more ideal balance of soil, air and water
  • Roots grow deeper
  • Roots contact more soil for better nutrient uptake
Promote Healthy Soil Tilth
Count on Case IH in-line rippers to promote healthy soil tilth — soil better able to absorb and hold water for plant growth.

Current Models:
  • Ecolo-Til® 2500: The Ecolo-Til 2500 can be customized to handle residue according to your farming practice, from leaving very little residue to leaving the soil and residue visually undisturbed.


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