• 19-JAN-2017

Compact Farmall® C CVT Series


2 Models, 46-54 (PTO: 36-43) Engine Horsepower:The compact Farmall® C CVT series tractors are designed for comfortable, easy operation; combining a deluxe operator environment with a smooth operating CVT transmisision.

A Cab Built for Comfort
Compact Farmall C CVT series tractors are designed for comfortable, easy operation. The open deck and step-through platform offer plenty of floor space. The adjustable, contoured seat and infinitely tilting and telescoping steering wheel let you find your own fit.

Hook Up and Get to Work
Every compact Farmall C CVT series tractor features a heavy duty 3-point hitch with best-in-class lift capacity, to handle the heavy lifting of rear-mounted implements, including finish mowers, tillers and rear rotary cutters. Telescopic stabilizers flex end lower links make it easy to hook up attachments. Compact Farmall C CVT tractors also feature a two-position drawbar, plus a PTO and hydraulics that allow maximum work from a compact machine.

Ease of Service
Designed from the ground up for durability and simplicity, compact Farmall® C CVT tractors require minimal maintenance and feature simple serviceability. That makes them a reliable choice for anyone — from a homeowner to a fleet operator. Service points are conveniently located. You can check engine oil without opening the hood or removing side panels. You can even add engine oil without using a funnel. Service is designed to be simple and straightforward.  All regular service points are easy to access. Simply flip up the tilt-open hood for full access to the engine, radiator and air cleaner. A convenient dipstick at the rear of the tractor makes it easy to check the fluid levels for the transmission, rear axle and hydraulic system.

Full Line of Loaders, Attachments and Implements
All compact Farmall C CVT series tractors come from the factory loader-ready. A loader turns a tractor into a versatile, powerful workhorse.
  • Quick-Latch design lets you install in minutes
  • Several optional attachments are available, including mowers, rakes, tillers and snow-blowers
  • Attachments are quick and easy to switch out.
Shifting Gears, Shifting Perspectives
User-Friendly CVT
  • Smooth, seamless speed changes through varying conditions
  • Simple controls — just press the single pedal and go
  • Automatically adjusts to deliver the desired speed and match load conditions
  • Easy Shuttling for loader applications
  • Cruise control for mower applications
Innovation and Performance
The compact Farmall C CVT series tractors are powered by a 2.2L, 3-cylinder engine designed by Fiat Powertrain Technologies (FPT).
  • Featuring electronic high-pressure common rail injection for improved throttle response, less vibration and better performance
  • Wastegate turbocharged and aftercooled
  • Top speed – 19 mph; higher than any other compact tractor
  • Large 13 gallon fuel tank keeps you going longer
  • Glow Plugs for cold weather start
  • Two horsepower options — 45 and 55 hp
  • Meets Tier 4 B/Final standards while reducing operating costs​

Current Models:
  • Compact Farmall® 45C CVT: The compact Farmall 45C CVT tractor is powered by a efficient and reliable 2.2L engine.  It comes loader-ready, all set to get to work.
  • Compact Farmall® 55C CVT: The compact Farmall 55C tractor is a reliable workhorse designed to run smoothly and efficiently with minimal operating effort and minimal operating costs.