• 03-FEB-2017

HydraBox™ Spreaders


Performance and Simplicity
  • Spread as Wide as 30 Feet- Unique vertical beaters spread material wide and thin for a 30-foot spread pattern. New Holland HydraBox spreaders are ideal for top-dressing active hay fields and fields prior to no-till planting. The Hydrabox easily spreads pen/bedded pack manure, poultry litter, soil amendments, mulch and compost.
  • Fast Uploading, Wide, Thin Spreading - HydraBox™ spreaders use a simple hydraulic push design to unload material fast.
  • Capacity That’s Sized Right - Two Hydrabox models are sized to meet your needs of any size of your farm.
    • 425V – With a 425-heaped bushel capacity and lower side height, the 425V is perfect for medium-sized beef and dairy producers who load materials using a skid steer or small wheel loader.
    • 550V – An impressive heaped capacity of 550 bushels matches the needs of larger operations where telehandlers and large wheel loaders are utilized for cleanout.​​
Unlike the traditional horizontal beaters that spread only the width of the spreader, the standard vertical beaters on HydraBox models spread material up to 30 feet wide. This wide spread pattern is ideal for keeping material thin on active hay fields or spreading on fields before no-till seeding. These beaters are also easy to remove so the spreader may be repurposed for other jobs like stockpiling manure or poultry litter.

Easy Use and Maintenance
New Holland HydraBox™ spreaders are easier to use and maintain. The plunger face fully extends all the way to the beaters to ensure complete cleanout. The swinging beater tray drops open with a quick pull of a handle, allowing any build-up and fines to fall away, especially in freezing conditions. 

  • Hydrabox 425V
  • Hydrabox 550V