• 03-FEB-2017

Stack Cruiser, Self Propelled Bale Wagons


New Holland continues to make moving and stacking bales faster and easier than ever. Choose from two self-propelled models for ultimate convenience, or our pull-type model for economy. All three demonstrate the reliability and precision operation that has made New Holland the haytools leader.

H9800 Series Construction
  • Built for years of service - New Eliminating stress points in the main frame were a critical step in developing a truly heavy-duty bale wagon that will last for years. That's why New Holland engineers used state-of-the-art Finite Element Analysis in the latest design of the H9800 Series.
  • Adding strength to the structure - To improve structural integrity, wagon frame channels are made of one-piece 3/8-in. steel, and structural tubing is used in place of formed channels for the cross members.
  • Two-piece cab/wagon design - When you look at the H9800 models, the cab appears to be suspended in front, and that's by design.
  • Five-speed versatility- A five-speed automatic transmission with lock-up torque converter has excellent speed-matching ability.
  • Dual hydraulic system - Two hydraulic systems with three pumps provide plenty of flow where it's needed. A 6.7-gmp gear pump supplies flow to the power steering and brake booster.
H9800 Series Cab
  • Cab offers maximum control and comfort - Climb aboard one of the H9800 Series self-propelled bale wagons and find amazing comfort and efficiency. Iso-mounted to reduce noise and vibration, the cab provides outstanding visibility, conveniently located controls and comfort features that can be adjusted to fit almost any driver.
  • Outstanding visibility and lighting - The curved windshield and large side and rear windows provide excellent all-around visibility.
  • More ergonomic controls - The multifunction handle controls all machine functions. It adjusts up and down, fore and aft and rotates to put it in the perfect position for the operator.
  • Plenty of cab comforts - The narrow, tilt steering column, front instrument panel and right-hand console provide ample knee and leg room, and the swivel, air-ride seat is fully adjustable to maximize operator comfort during long hours in the cab.
  • Convenient extras - There are plenty of convenience features as well, including:
    • Cup holders and shelving in the dash
    • 12-volt power socket for cell phone
    • Inside rear-view mirror to view second loading table
    • Handy floor space for a cooler
H9800 Series Stack Command™ Control
  • Best way to pick up bales - Loading bales is ultra-easy with the H9870 and H9880 self-propelled bale wagons—you control everything electronically from the cab.
  • Easy control of stack patterns - Choose from a large selection of stack patterns or customize one of your own with the Stack Command system.
  • Easy-to-read display - The large digital display includes a stack counter and preprogrammed stack patterns but also allows customizing of bales arrangement on the wagon.
  • Controls offer flexible loading - A multifunction handle controls the load rack, the rolling rack and the push-off feet, for all-in-one convenience.
H9800 Series Mil-Stak® Attachment
  • Easy way to handle bigger bales - Add the optional MIL-STAK® handling attachment to either the H9870 or H9880 for even more bale handling versatility. Use it to stack 3x3 or 3x4 bales on the wagon. It is also easily removed for switching back to small bale pickup.
  • Make big, solid stacks - Mounted on either of the New Holland self-propelled bale wagons, the MIL-STAK attachment will handle up to 15 3x3 bales per load or 10 3x4 bales per load, and stack them up to five bales high. You'll get tightly packed, even stacks, too.
  • Plenty of support at the axle - A heavy-duty front axle on both the H9880 and H9870 models enables the wagons to handle the added payload of the MIL-STAK attachment, with no worries.
  • H9870
  • H9880