Pull Type Forage Harvesters


Pull Type Forage Harvesters
No one builds rugged, high-capacity forage harvesters like New Holland. The best-selling line of pull-type models provides the uniform chopping you're looking for and all the reliability you've come to expect from New Holland.

Crop Flow
  • A uniform length of cut not only yields high-quality feed, it makes everything easier—unloading, blowing, storing and feeding.
  • Top chop quality starts with four power-driven feed-rolls that deliver material smoothly to the cutter-head.
  • The heart of these forage harvesters is the massive 12-knife cutter-head that's built to move more crop and chop it uniformly using full-width, spiral, hardened-alloy knives with tungsten edges.
  • You'll get the widest selection of cut lengths to meet your exact feeding requirements.
  • Smooth crop flow continues at the blower. A 1000-rpm blower on the FP230 and FP240 moves crop fast for increased productivity.
Sharpening and Adjustment
  • Chop quality is the hallmark of New Holland forage harvesters due to the built-in features that help to maintain them. Knife sharpening and shear bar adjustment are a snap.
  • A New Holland exclusive, flip-up feed-rolls allow you to routinely clean and inspect the shear-bar and smooth roll scraper without taking them out of the machine.
  • A built-in knife sharpener in these forage harvesters features a huge, 3-inch-diameter, ratchet-advanced stone for faster-than-ever sharpening.
  • Lightweight, hinged shielding panels lift easily, making lubrication, adjustment and inspection nearly effortless.
Croppro™ Crop Processor
  • Improve your corn silage feed efficiency with New Holland's optional onboard CropPro™ crop processor.
  • More complete crop processing means more digestible feed and better milk production from your herd, without buying additional feed or supplements, and without the expense and process time of a stationary roller mill.
  • The unit comes factory installed, so the only adjustment necessary is when you switch from making corn silage to haylage.
Metalert® Iii
  • Broken rake tines, sickle sections and lost hitch pins can turn up in the cleanest fields.
  • The Metalert III system delivers peace of mind and a five-year cutter-head protection plan that pays for all parts and labor to repair any damaged part resulting from ferrous metal entering the cutter-head.
  • A magnet and sensor are housed in the lower front feed-roll. The magnet emits a constant magnetic field between the two front stainless steel feed-rolls.
  • A built-in alarm light and horn alert you when metal is detected. Simply back the material out of the feed-rolls with a feed-roll control switch. Metalert III automatically resets when the metal has been removed.
  • 790
  • FP230
  • FP240