• 29-AUG-2017

New Holland Agriculture Bolsters ProCart Wheel Rake Offering with ProCart Plus


ProCart Plus Wheel Rake
The proven leader of haytools, New Holland Agriculture is pleased to expand its ProCart wheel rake offering to include the new premium ProCart Plus models. Designed for fast, clean and high-capacity raking, the New Holland ProCart Plus deluxe carted wheel, rakes swiftly and handles a multitude of raking conditions.

“The first step to building a good bale is building a good windrow,” said Daniel Valen, Director of Product Marketing for New Holland North America. “The ProCart Plus provides new features and benefits which allow the operator to adjust the rake on the go from the tractor seat. That means the operator can maximize crop in the windrow, minimize foreign debris, and ensure the crop is fully turned for the fastest and most efficient dry down possible. That’s the ProCart Plus advantage.”

Now available in 5 different models including ProCart 819, ProCart 1022, ProCart 1225, ProCart 1225 Plus and ProCart 1428 Plus, New Holland’s ProCart series rakes offer heavy-duty features, including extended raking widths, as well as the ability for operators to rake any way they choose, from single-side and “V” raking, to windrow turning capabilities. While sitting in the tractor seat, operators can easily adjust the raking angle and width to build the perfect windrow for the operator’s baler or harvester, or easily fine-tune adjustments.

The ProCart follows ground contours independently with an independent rake wheel flotation which gathers every bit of swath, causing less stubble damage, compared to rakes with tandem-mounted rake wheels. Suspended by an adjustable compression spring, the rake wheel can be adjusted to each operator’s crop and field conditions for the cleanest possible raking.

For more information on the all-new ProCart 1225 and 1428 Plus models and to learn more about the widest hay and forage product portfolio in the industry, visit www.newholland.com​​ or contact your local New Holland dealer.

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New Holland, Pa. (August 29, 2017)