• 15-JUL-2015

凯斯4088轴流滚筒联合收割机荣获 2014中国农业机械年度产品TOP50技术创新金奖

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<font style="vertical-align:inherit"><font style="vertical-align:inherit">The Case Axial Roller 4088 combine harvester manufactured by Harbin Factory won the TOP50 Technology Innovation Gold Award of 2014 China Agricultural Machinery.</font></font>

<font style="vertical-align:inherit"><font style="vertical-align:inherit">Less than a year after its launch, Case's axial roller 4088 combine harvester machine stood out from 900 products submitted by more than 300 companies and won the TOP50 Technology Innovation Gold Award of 2014 China Agricultural Machinery.</font></font>

<font style="vertical-align:inherit"><font style="vertical-align:inherit">The annual product TOP50 selection event was jointly organized by China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association (CAAMM), China Agricultural Machinery Association (CSAM) and Agricultural Machinery Magazine. It was held on July 21st in the historical and cultural city of Xi'an and the third China Agricultural Machinery Industry High-end Forum. .</font></font>

<font style="vertical-align:inherit"><font style="vertical-align:inherit">The Case 4000 series combine harvester was built at the Harbin plant, the largest agricultural machinery production base in the Northeast. It was launched in October last year and provides a first-class harvest experience for Chinese users. </font><font style="vertical-align:inherit">Designed for the needs of Chinese users, the 4000 Series combine harvesters provide users with a comfortable driving experience, unparalleled grain harvest quality, excellent workability and versatility. </font><font style="vertical-align:inherit">By replacing different headers, the Case 4000 Series combine harvester harvests a wide range of crops: not only for corn harvesting, but also for excellent grain quality and harvesting efficiency when harvesting crops such as soybeans, rice, and wheat, breaking the tradition Harvesters can only harvest the limitations of a single crop.</font></font>

<font style="vertical-align:inherit"><font style="vertical-align:inherit">The Case 4000 series combine harvester can be equipped with a domestically produced high-performance 2060 series grain header, with a maximum operating width of 6.1 meters. It is the widest rigid header manufactured in China. </font><font style="vertical-align:inherit">It can also be equipped with 5500 series corn headers produced by Harbin Manufacturing Base: the largest header can be equipped with the industry-leading straw chopper, which can handle corn cobs and stalks at the same time. </font><font style="vertical-align:inherit">In addition, the series combine harvester can also be equipped with a 3.6-meter pick-up to harvest canola, wheat and other planting crops; it can also be equipped with a 6-meter flexible soybean header.</font></font>

<font style="vertical-align:inherit"><font style="vertical-align:inherit">The 4088 combine harvester uses the highly efficient Fiat Power Technology industry 6.7 liters. The inline six-cylinder engine is turbocharged to provide powerful power to ensure reliable engine performance under all conditions. </font><font style="vertical-align:inherit">The 4000 Series Axial Roller Combine uses a 610 mm uniaxial flow drum to maintain consistently high quality threshing when harvesting crops; inter-grain threshing means not only reduces grain loss, but also ensures extremely low grain breakage.</font></font>

<font style="vertical-align:inherit"><font style="vertical-align:inherit">Since its launch last autumn, the Case AF4000 series combines its efficient harvesting efficiency, high-quality harvesting and extremely low grain breakage rate in corn and wheat growing areas, and is gradually being used by users in Northeast, Northwest and East China. Welcome, Case 4088 combine harvester won the gold medal in technological innovation, which is the embodiment of the industry and users fully affirmed the design and performance of the Case axial roller combine harvester.</font></font>

<font style="vertical-align:inherit"><font style="vertical-align:inherit">With its unique axial-flow drum technology, Case has become a leading brand in the harvester industry. At the same time, Case is also a market leader in the field of high-powered tractors, cotton pickers and sugar cane harvesters.</font></font>

<font style="vertical-align:inherit"><font style="vertical-align:inherit">August 6, 2015, Shanghai</font></font>


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