• 20-DEC-2017

2017 Case Anry Concert Rounds Off Two 2017


 Case Anry Concerts were staged successfully in Yunnan Grand Theater in Kunming, the capital of Yunnan Province, China, on December 19 and 20, 2017.

"The concert was hosted by Case Corp and organized by Yunnan Anry Machinery Equipment to express their sincere appreciation for the concern and support given by all partners and friends over the past years for Case products and the development of Anry.

In 2015, we offered the Case New Year Concert, which is an integration of hulusi or cucurbit flute, folk music of Yunnan province, with symphony. Two years later, we cooperated with the well-known composer Xia Liang again. This time, we strived harder for excellence in all aspects, from music integration to pure western music. We spared no effort to present the high-level and professional concert. 

Few private enterprises in China can afford to hold a grand concert like this. We chose Yunnan Grand Theater, the best theater in Yunnan province, as the venue, and the pianos played at the concert worth hundreds of thousand dollars. We made every endeavor to create a concert of the highest quality. 

Professionalism and excellence were clearly reflected in the composition of performers. Xia Liang served as music director. Nie'er Symphony Orchestra performed at the concert. Lu Chen, a famous host from Phoenix TV in Hong Kong, served as the host of the concert. Other performers included the famous music conductor Wang Linlin, violinist Zhang Le, who has a lifetime contract with the Metropolitan Opera House, Li Shuman, a young pianist from China National Symphony Orchestra, and others. The perfect cooperation of the performers made the concert really impressive. The innovative spirit that Xia Liang holds towards symphony is distinctly felt. 

“Congratulations on the success of 2017 Case Anry Concert!” This is a concert that brings pride and honor to Yunnan people. It is a concert almost dedicated to symphony. I can feel the delicate playing of instruments, the skillful expression of thoughts and emotions, and the perfect blend of sense and sensibility. The music is magnificent, inspiring, pure and natural. Local flavor finds expressions in the way typical of Xia Liang. It just comes without you aware of it. It is familiar to us, and fresh to us at the same time, like a melody flowing inside us. It is really wonderful! The young conductor is great and brings a good performance! The tone and sound volume are handled perfectly that the potential of Kunming Symphony is further increased. Violinist Zhang Le and pianist Li Shuman also make great contributions to the success of the performance.” 

This is the heartfelt words from a listener at the concert. It may take some time for the public to understand and appreciate a pure symphony, but when Xiaohe Tangshui (Little Running River), Yunhe Tianlai (Paradisiacal Sound of Yunan), Dahe Dongliu (River Running Eastward) and other melodies were sounded, the audience were all impressed. 

In fact, it echoes with the Anry Spirit and Case Spirit that we both promote. We always try to change for the better, to integrate well and share with others. We always strive to provide high quality service, to innovate and improve with our partners, build sound relationship with clients and harmonious partnership with suppliers.

We aim to create a positive humanistic environment and constantly cultivate the thoughts of continuous learning and innovations. 

Just as Mr. Chen Lin, construction machinery business manager of CNH Industrial (China) addressed at the concert, "Cultural confidence represents a fundamental and profound force that sustains the development of a country and a nation, as pointed out by the report delivered at the 19th National Congress. Culture is a torch, lighting our road ahead. Culture is a drum, encouraging us to press forward. Culture is a star, inspiring us to look forward with hope to the future. This is the purpose of the concert. 

Mr. Jerome lncrease Case, the founder of Case Corp and a famous inventor, not only dedicated himself to promoting the most excellent machinery equipment across the world, but also established the Case Western Reserve University. He was committed to the promotion of the latest technology and culture in the world and the communication between different cultures. The Book of Rites, one of the Confucian classics, writes that "Music shares the same ethics with other things", so I sincerely wish that this concert can offer you a very high-level and enjoyable experience."

Yunnan Anry also shares the thought. It entertains the love and passion for the country, the Party, the era and traditional Chinese culture. This concert ended up with the song I Love You, China, which expressed our love for China and showed the positive energy Anry delivered in company, which includes "Happy Work, and Happy Life", "Do not do to others what you would not have them do to you" and "Cherish what you have and get. Be grateful". It also presented that Anry has always been practicing the principle of "Walk the talk, and actions speak louder than words." 

We express sincere thanks to all making contributions to the concert and the audience who came here from afar to attend the concert. I wish this concert will bring us wonderful memories.

After the concert, Mr. Wang Zheng'an, president of Yunnan Anry, composer Xia Liang and leaders from Case Corp and all artists posed for pictures.