• 29-NOV-2019

Natural gas solutions from СNH Industrial brands showcased at opening of Gazprom NGV filling station in the Krasnodar Region



The new Natural Gas Vehicles (NGV) filling station was officially opened on November 8 in Stanitsa Novopetrovskaya, Krasnodar Region. It provides liquified and compressed natural gas (LNG and CNG) for commercial vehicles, special machinery and cars. The Chairman of the Gazprom Board of Directors, Viktor Zubkov, was in attendance. Natural gas vehicles, including the IVECO Stralis NP460 LNG in 4x2 version, the IVECO Stralis CNG truck, a waste collection truck based on an IVECO Stralis CNG chassis and the New Holland T7060 hybrid tractor (diesel/methane) were on display for the occasion.

The opening ceremony of a new Gazprom NGV filling station took place in Stanitsa Novopetrovskaya, Krasnodar Region. The site’s capacity is 3.3 million cubic meters per year. Among the members of the ceremony’s official delegation were the Chairman of the Gazprom Board of Directors, Viktor Zubkov; the Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Patrushev; Veniamin Kondratyev the Governor of the Krasnodar Region and key local authorities. Fabrizio Cepollina, Managing Director of СNH Industrial Russia, together with his team, were also present at the opening ceremony on behalf of СNH Industrial.

Vehicles and machinery powered by natural gas were on display for the launch of the new station. Among them were the IVECO Stralis NP460 LNG, a heavy duty, long-haul truck, which is a true pioneer in the natural gas sector. This vehicle is the result of IVECO’s long-standing focus on natural gas powertrain technology, and a key element in its strategy for sustainable transport. A range autonomy of up to 1,600 km makes the Stralis NP460 LNG the first truly heavy-duty truck perfectly suited for long-distance haulage missions.

Also from the СNH Industrial brand portfolio was the New Holland T7060 hybrid agricultural tractor running on two types of fuel: diesel and methane, developed at the Company’s plant in Naberezhnye Chelny. A hybrid powertrain gives the tractor considerably greater autonomy without any reduction in power. New Holland’s innovative dual-fuel hybrid tractor can run for up to seven hours on methane gas and, once the 528-liter tank capacity is exhausted, can continue working thanks to its 300-liter diesel tank, which gives additional autonomy for circa nine hours. The total autonomy of the tractor is up to 16 hours.

Following the opening ceremony, guests visited a vehicle retrofitting facility to see natural power vehicles being used for municipal services, including waste management trucks, which use the IVECO Stralis CNG chassis.

“Natural gas station infrastructure is a key driver for Russia’s NGV fuel market. Committed to NGV technology, СNH Industrial makes extensive efforts to promote natural gas as an efficient and eco-friendly fuel. Products from our alternative propulsion product portfolio have been well received by Russian operators. We are supporting Gazprom’s program for expanding its retail NGV filling station network and are delighted to witness the growth of this network, with the launch of a new facility,” commented Fabrizio Cepollina, Managing Director at CNH Industrial Russia.

Moscow, November 29, 2019