• 13-APR-2020



TürkTraktör decides to offer 'My Field on My Mobileapplication that provides digital decision-making support to farmers, free of charge addition to its new  'Mobile Road Support' to farmers over the age 65.

'My Field on My Mobile’ enables the farmers to monitor the health of their crops daily and access information including weather alerts for storms, lightning etc. received one hour before they reach their land via mobile devices.

13 April 2020 – TürkTraktör, the leader of the Turkish tractor market, takes steps to facilitate the lives of farmers in these challenging days in Turkey, in the face of coronavirus pandemic.

In response, the company has launched Mobile Road Support for farmers over the age 65. Within the scope of the fight against the coronavirus, TürkTraktör provides premium services 'My Field on My Mobile’ to farmers free of charge so that they can carry out required controls about their fields.

With the 'My Field on My Mobile’ launched in May 2019 to support digital decision making in agricultural operations, farmers can access information extending from weather to plant health and plenty of other agricultural data easily via their mobile devices. The paid advanced services of this revolutionary package that use satellite technology to identify the land location and offer custom services are now free to all farmers for one full year.

The farmers, who submit their applications on www.tarlamcepte.com in April, can login to the system using the activation code that will be sent within 24 hours following application.

Accessing all land information on mobile devices with one click

The users, who download 'My Field on My Mobile’, can rapidly and easily obtain free information ranging from the weather of their region to the announcements of the Turkish Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock regarding agricultural grants/supports, from market prices/stock quotations on diesel oil and crop protection solution prices.

Moreover, the "custom" tracking system that enables marking and then monitoring specific cultivated fields on maps warns the farmers about meteorological risks early on and helps the farmers track the crop health regularly. The risk and drought reports, the tractor and disinfection time suggestions, cultivation recommendations are also among other services that the farmers can benefit from.