• 26-MAR-2014

A ‘Long Reach’ From CASE Keeps the River Flowing



A Case long reach excavator has been helping to keep the River Severn flowing through Worcester.

Long reach excavator specialists, WM Plant Hire, based in Shropshire, supplied a Case CX130 machine specially equipped with a hydraulic rotating grab to clear over 500 tonnes of debris from the arches of Worcester’s historic bridge. This had built up following recent flooding and due to the exceptional flow and water level of the River Severn.

The operation to remove the material required immediate and combined action from the local council, emergency services, environment agency, and highway authorities, as there was a real concern the lodged debris would restrict the flow of water and cause additional lateral loading and stress on the bridge structure. WM Plant Hire, who operate one of the largest fleets of long reach excavators in the UK, were able to offer a swift response by delivering the specialist equipment required at short notice.  Emergency response is something the company is well used to, having dealt with many landslips and civil engineering challenges requiring prompt action over the years.

The debris in Worcester comprised mostly timber and large trees, which had been washed down the river with the force of the floodwater. The whole operation was carried out over a weekend and attracted a huge crowd, due to a much appreciated break in the weather. The bridge was able to be reopened to traffic as planned, on the Sunday evening.

Once the operation was completed, the council arranged for the material to be taken to a local facility for recycling and the machine was demobilized from site.

​Turin, 26 March 2014