• 30-JAN-2014

Nordic Customer Visits Strengthen Case Sumitomo Cooperation



A team of engineers from Case Construction Equipment and Japanese excavator partner Sumitomo Construction Machinery has again been meeting European customers, this time across the Nordic region, to listen to operator feedback and assess the changing demands of customers in the field. As always, the voice of the customer plays a central role in the development of future generations of machinery for Case and these visits continue the constant search for improvements of Case excavators.

Ultimate Hydraulic Precision

The majority of excavators in Nordic countries operate with a rotor tilt attachment, adding to the versatility and utilization of these essential machines. This precision operation is of particular interest to the Case Sumitomo engineering team, as the Case Intelligent Hydraulic System (CIHS) that was introduced with the C Series excavators continues to lead the field in precise control and operator feedback. Talking with experienced operators who use these machines on a daily basis will further enhance this control system on the next generation of Case machines, maintaining the company’s lead in this vital area.

Customers welcomed the chance to voice their opinions and appreciations of machines, not just of hydraulic performance, but of the engine output, fuel economy, machine design, operator comfort and overall productivity of the Case excavator range. They were particularly impressed with the latest operator cab, which provides a comfortable, spacious working environment for the driver. Fuel consumption and engine performance were also high on the list for customers, and the engineers were keen to discuss the implementation of industry-leading technologies.

“I thought that the visit from Case and Sumitomo was a very positive one,” said Janne Hirsikangas, CEO of Swedish company Hirsikangas Grav och Schakt AB. “ To my knowledge we have never had any other machine or engine manufacturers send out engineers to gather valuable feedback from customers in Sweden. I was able to voice my suggestions for improvements and it really felt like they were listening to them.”

Strong hydraulic performance and fine hydraulic control were noted as important factors for customers, along with ease of regular maintenance and greasing. Overall the Nordic companies that were visited were very pleased with the machine design and construction.

This essential customer feedback will have a direct influence on the next generation of machines, with field tests and research and development equipment already at work in the field. Visits like this are also essential to allow Case to provide maximum support for customers of current models that are already at work, as the engineers receive instant feedback from operators in real site conditions.

Two Decades Of Cooperation

Case and Sumitomo have through their strategic alliance enjoyed a strong relationship for more than 20 years and the two companies share the core values of innovation, research and development, engineering excellence and customer partnership. By visiting Case customers in the field and listening to the voice of those customers, engineers working together within the partnership can fine tune the future design of Case excavators, to better meet the rapidly changing needs and requirements of the operator on site, and to provide the maximum return on investment for the machine owner.

Turin, January 30, 2014