• 11-MAR-2013

The CASE 1121F loader speeds up arrival of the high-speed train in South-West France



Equipment supplied by CASE construction will enable Trezence TP to make savings of €100,000 over 3 years.

French contractor and quarry operator Trezence-TP has taken delivery of the first CASE 1121F wheeled loader sold in France.

The 28-metric ton machine, complete with its 5m3 bucket, has immediately been put to work in a quarry that is supplying aggregates to the neighboring LGV Sud Europe Atlantique (LGV SEA), high-speed rail project near Charente in the West of France. It performs three tasks on site, these include digging from the face, feeding / emptying a crusher, and loading trucks.

Figures that speak for themselves

Initially, at the site Trezence TP had been using a new-generation loader, built by one of America’s other renowned manufacturers, which was the equivalent version to the CASE Loader,

When this machine was replaced four months later by a brand new CASE 1121F loader, significant fuel savings and considerably increased productivity quickly became apparent, as the information below demonstrates:

ModelsProductivity  Fuel Consumption
Competitor’s model6600 t in 14hrs35 liters/hour74 liters/1000 metric tons
Case 1121F7000 t in 14hrs31 liters/hour62 liters/1000 metric tons

Difference of: 12 liters/1000 metric tons that is, 20% savings in diesel

Over the entire 3-year project, the CASE loader will shift 11 million metric tons.

For Trezence TP, this advantage of 12 liters an hour for 1,000 metric tons will represent savings of 132,000 liters of off-road diesel, i.e. a 20% reduction in its fuel costs amounting to €103,000.

This argument carried a lot of weight in Trezence TP's decision to acquire this 1121F and, by way of example, amounts to the equivalent of the average yearly salary of two operators (including charges).

Sophie Bendfredj, France’s Business Director for CNH Construction Europe, said. “We are very proud and happy to have delivered to Trezence TP, the first 1121F sold in France. This first sale is the fruit of the highly successful demonstration program that we are currently running in France, to showcase the high performance levels and outstanding fuel economy of the new F Series Case loaders, in a wide range of site conditions and applications

 Family Business Expands

Trezence-TP, a family business, was established in 1978 in Migre, near La Rochelle. The company employs 18 staff and turns over in excess of €2 million, working mainly in general earthworks, and marine applications. The company already operates six Case crawler excavators, from a CX27 to a 33-metric ton CX330 and the reliability and durability of these machines has contributed to the 1121F purchase

Jacques Arnaudeau, manager for Trezence-TP stated “This 1121F CASE loader has also proven to be 20% more productive than our previous machine. It will be of great assistance in meeting deadlines and improving our competitiveness, so that we can stand out from the competition in particular for forthcoming projects such as the TER regional rail service and freight high-speed rail service.”

The secret behind the savings: Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology

The impressive performance is down to the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology, present on FTP (formerly Iveco) engines installed on CASE loaders and which has proven its worth on numerous occasions, as it has been in use in a wide range of trucks and agricultural equipment in Europe since 2004.

Additionally, on every new-generation CASE loader, the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) has been eliminated to increase the combustion temperature, for increased engine output and low fuel consumption.

The SCR technology does not require any diesel particulate filter and uses no extra fuel to reduce emissions. This means that Trezence TP avoids complications related to daily replenishment and re-conditioning every 12 months. This allows the company optimize both the machine’s uptime and operating costs.

In fact, the cost for 12 months of AdBlue consumption (0.4 liters for 10 liters of off-road diesel at today’s average price of €0.24/liter), amounts to the same as that of re-conditioning a particulate filter installed on the competition’s equivalent to the CASE’s 1121F.

High-Speed Construction

The LGV SEA project will bring high-speed rail to the West of France, connecting the regions of Poitou-Charentes, Aquitaine and Midi-Pyrenees with the high-speed service of Northern Europe. The trip from Bordeaux to Paris will take just 2 hours 10 minutes, with a projected speed up to 300km/h.

With the launch of the SCR solution, Case Construction Equipment is steaming ahead of its main competitors.

Having purchased this new 1121F, Trezence TP has made the most of this technological lead and reduced its fuel costs by 20%.

​11 March 2013