• 29-JUL-2013

Presenting the new flagship class – Case IH launches the new Steiger and Quadtrac series



Highest pulling power for wide working widths / Large surface area of contact for every application with the Quadtrac / Unique design and engineering concept / Latest engine technology for significantly higher performance at lower fuel consumption

For more than 50 years, Case IH Steiger and Quadtrac tractors have been among the most successful when it comes to delivering the highest pulling power for wide working widths while implementing efficient, ground-conserving tillage and drilling concepts. This series sets the industry benchmarks in terms of lugging power, traction, protecting the ground and fuel efficiency - appreciated by farmers in every arable farming region around the world - especially for their productivity, reliability and high level of driving comfort.

With the 2014 series, Case IH presents the latest generation of Steiger and Quadtrac tractors, including the new models Quadtrac 540, Quadtrac 580 and the new top-of-the-range Quadtrac 620, with a power rating of 628 hp and a maximum power output of 692 hp. As a result, the new Case IH Steigers and Quadtracs are the most powerful series production tractors in the world. In addition, they deliver a torque of almost 3,000 Nm and have a tare weight of 25 tonnes.

Case IH Steiger – maximum pulling power with wheel traction

The Case IH Steiger series is now extended with three new models, the Case IH Steiger 540, 580 and 620 with an engine power output of 543 to 628 hp, increasing the power range of the existing Steiger series so that Case IH also offers the most powerful wheeled tractors worldwide.

The chassis on the new Steiger 540, 580 and 620 has been adapted to their power output with integrated ballast and is equipped with heavy duty components throughout, including larger axles and wheel hubs.

The larger chassis on the Steiger with new, more stress-resistant drivetrain and transmission components sets new industry standards in productivity, making these tractors the ideal solution for heavy pulling work during tillage and planting.

Case IH Quadtrac – highest performance coupled with optimum traction and maximum ground protection

The Quadtrac chassis with four independently driven tracks offers a constant contact area of more than 5.6 square metres – around 25 percent more than other tractors in this class. This adds up to increased traction, reduced ground pressure and virtually zero slip.

The numerous features that contribute to the key success factors and highlights of the Quadtrac series are the result of its uniquely designed and engineered concept.

For example, the track units can pivot up and down by ten degrees. This guarantees a large area of ground contact in every operating situation and reduces ground compaction. Working together with the independent and individual suspension on each track unit, the long wheelbase of 3.92 metres and the Quadtrac's Positive Drive concept, power is transmitted 100 percent. The centre-acting articulated linkage ensures consistent pressure on all four tracks. No additional ballast needs to be fitted to the Quadtrac.

Quadtracs can be steered under load in any working situation and offer optimum performance even in damp or difficult ground conditions. Weight distribution has already been factory-optimised with ballast for all work with 60 percent in front and 40 percent behind.

In addition, the Steiger and Quadtrac have the largest cab in the industry with unrivalled all-round visibility. The Surveyor™ cab features exclusive cab suspension. This equalises jolts and minimises back and forth movement along the direction of travel as well as sideways movement, contributing to improved driving comfort and more control.

The latest engine technology with patented exhaust cleaning system

All new Steiger and Quadtrac models are powered by FPT Industrial Cursor 13 engines. This 6 cylinder power source, with a a capacity of 12.9 litres and two intercoolers, enables a significant improvement in the thermal efficiency of the engine, without compromising the tractor’s pulling power with a torque of 2,941 Nm. A fuel tank capacity of 1,900 litres and 320 litres of AdBlue is provided for long working days in the field.

The new Steiger and Quadtrac series is one of the first tractor series from Case IH to be equipped with an SCR-only system to fulfil the stricter emissions criteria of Tier 4 Final/Stage IV. Integrating it in the latest generation of Efficient Power, it makes new and patented technology available for exhaust after treatment.

The new engines equipped with the unique Hi-eSCR technology and therefore having optimised combustion, continue to secure the pole position in fuel efficiency for the Case IH Quadtrac. This patented technology not only ensures excellent cost-effectiveness but also a NOx transformation efficiency of 95 percent – compared to between 80 and 85 with other systems.

With Efficient Power the exhaust treatment stage is performed outside the engine by a separate SCR-only system. More power, lower fuel consumption and enhanced reliability is achieved as a result.

The engines are factory-ready for the highest performance without increasing pollutant emissions or reducing efficiency. A precision-regulated combustion process without recycling exhaust gas through the engine means a noticeable decrease in fuel consumption.

The highly efficient SCR system features AdBlue management with precision control over the whole working range - the result of a series of patents registered during intensive research by FPT Industrial.

Patents have been issued, among other things, for optimised fluid dynamic models of the exhaust gas flow and the precise dosing of the AdBlue - a dosingalgorithm for mixing AdBlue into the exhaust, directly taking into account the NOx generated by the engine - ammonia and NOx sensors to detect the current condition of the catalyst and to allow for ageing - mixer technology in the exhaust after treatment system to ensure thorough hydrolysis of the AdBlue and uniform distribution of the ammonia going into the catalysts.

Comfortable working environment

As before, Steiger and Quadtrac cabs are among the most comfortable and largest cabs on the tractor market. Numerous detail improvements have been implemented with the new series:

The cab has new ergonomic features such as seat ventilation on the driver's seat and new wide-angle rear-view mirrors that can be heated and adjusted electronically.

The driver's seat can be swivel by 40 degrees to improve visibility of mounted equipment and considerably reduce stress on the driver while monitoring implements.

Both the Steiger and Quadtrac now have the latest generation of Multicontroller, which features several detail improvements. Its new design makes it easier to operate, while the backlit controls enhance safety when working at night.

Using the Multicontroller armrest you can control up to eight remotes as well as the automatic headland function.

An AFS Pro 700 colour monitor is integrated into the armrest and follows the movements of the driver's seat. The AFS Pro 700 offers the latest standard of user friendliness for controlling all the automatic guidance functions offered by the AFS AccuGuide system as well as key tractor functions such as hydraulic flow rates.

The settings on the AFS Pro 700 can be customised so that precisely the information most important to the user is displayed for each application.

All Steiger and Quadtrac tractors are equipped with Automatic Productivity Management (APM), which automatically selects the best combination of gear and engine speed for each implement and type of terrain. When

APM is active, the driver only needs to enter the desired driving speed.

Faster on the road

The fully-synchronised Full Powershift transmission provides 16 forward speeds and two reverse gears for an optimum performance spectrum and a maximum speed of 37 kph. Reverse speeds of up to 13.5 kph are possible.

Nine gears are available for working in the field. Speeds for the main working ranges are therefore ideally adaptable to the current job and working conditions.

Powerful rear end

The class 5 drawbar easily handles vertical forces of up to seven tonnes and the optional hitch ram lifts up to nine tonnes on all models in the Steiger and Quadtrac series.

A rear PTO with 1000 rpm is also available as additional equipment, reaching maximum power at reduced engine speed.

HID floodlight package turns night into day

An exclusive high intensity lighting package with adjustable HID floodlights improves visibility at night with 360-degree illumination of the field. This lighting system is five to six times brighter than conventional systems and the HID lamps last 6,000 hours longer than standard tractor lights.

All Steiger and Quadtracs can be supplied with a complete AccuGuide guidance system factory-fitted. Expensive retrofit and installation time is saved as a result. The AccuGuide guidance system includes the very latest AFS372 generation of GPS receiver. This means you can receive the Russian Glonass signal at no extra charge for optimum reliability thanks to the higher number of satellites.

The new Quadtrac has an overall height of 3.77 metres and is 7.60 metres long. Fitted with 710 mm tracks it is 2.99 metres wide. 910 mm tracks are also available. With a wheelbase of 3.92 metres, it has the longest wheelbase in its class.

Magdeburg/St. Valentin, 29/07/2013