• 25-FEB-2013

The new RB 544 – the professional fixed chamber round baler with compression roll system



High performance and top quality bales / Compression roll system with 18 precision bale rollers / In-chamber film wrapping possibility

Case IH is extending its series of round balers with the new RB 544 series, a range designed especially for the increasingly high specification demands of large dairy farms and contractors. The high performance fixed chamber baler, which will be available for the 2014 season in three models, features the new CRS compression roll system.

In addition to the standard RB 544 Silage Pack version, Case IH offers the Silage Pack HD variant, aimed particularly at the needs of contractors and featuring tandem axles and active bale chamber control for even higher density. Both models feature a combined netting and film wrapping system. The standard model produces bales of 125 cm diameter, with the Silage Pack HD contractor version making 135 cm packages. All three of the new balers are designed to deliver high baling performance, uniform bale density and extremely reliable operation in every type of crop.

Uniform and continuous crop flow

To achieve the smooth, efficient crop feed into the chamber required for high efficiency baling, the new RB 544 is equipped with a 2.10m pickup on standard models, and 2.20m on the HD contractor version. This means that even dense straw swaths from high output combines and heavy crop material for silage can be cleanly and reliably picked up. Both pickups feature five rows of tines for smooth crop flow and maximum productivity.

CRS: Compression Roll System

At the technical heart of the new RB 544 balers is a set of 18 precision-engineered rollers manufactured to exacting specifications using a new production process. The 200mm diameter rollers also feature a special surface profile that improves contact with the crop. The bearings on which they are mounted are sealed, to ensure they are protected from moisture in the compression chamber. In combination with the baler’s new design, these features enable the formation of consistent bales with a uniform density.

Comfortable on every terrain

With a very low centre of gravity, the RB 544 is well-suited to hilly terrain, inclines and working along slopes. Large tires are available to match individual operating requirements and ensure excellent sward protection by minimising ground compaction.

Innovative bale wrapping

The Silage Pack and Silage Pack HD combi-wrap balers provide the possibility to wrap with either net or film in the compression chamber. The film provides a secure oxygen barrier around the silage bale, and further reduces bale wrapping costs. Frozen bales can be unwrapped faster because, unlike netting, the film does not freeze to the bale.

Smartphone control concept

Standard maintenance equipment on the RB 544 includes an automatic central lubrication system and an easy-access front body panel. The baler is controlled via a touchscreen terminal similar in concept to a smartphone. All the necessary parameters are displayed and are easy to control, including bale density, PTO speed, number of wraps per bale, and netting and film wrapping status. In addition, an automatic bale counter enables a job report to be compiled for contract customers. It’s also possible to yield-monitor fields to see where grass crops are yielding highest and lowest.

Paris/St. Valentin, 25.02.2013