• 26-FEB-2017

Low profile Quantum CL model joins new Quantum tractor range at SIMA


Distinctive Case IH family styling / New Mid-mount hydraulic coupler possibilities and 82 L/min high flow pump options / Level 4 cab filtration system maximises operator safety / Enhanced cab and controls / Integrated front hitch and PTO option / Stage IIIB FPT 3.4-litre engine

At this year’s SIMA show Case IH is unveiling a new low profile version of its recently launched Quantum specialty tractor range. In addition to new styling, all Quantums now feature new mid-mount hydraulic coupler possibilities and high flow pump options, a switchable cab filtration system from Level 2 to Level 4, improved cab interior and controls, and an integrated front hitch and PTO option. The Quantum V (vineyard), N (narrow) and F (fruit) models were launched in December 2016 at the Vinitech show in France, with minimum overall widths of 1,063mm for the V, 1,228mm for the N, and 1,382mm for the F.

The range is now complemented by the low profile CL model Its low height of only 2.377mm, coupled with excellent manoeuvrability, makes it ideal for working in orchards and wider spaced vineyards. Its low centre of gravity and wider 1.567mm overall width, on the other hand, will be very attractive for farms with steep terrain and mountainous areas, whether they are growing olives or managing livestock.  

New styling offers practical benefits

In addition to giving the tractors a fresh new look reflecting the lines of their larger counterparts, the distinctive new front-end Case IH family styling on new Quantum models has practical benefits. Smooth lines help minimise the risk of either trees or bodywork becoming damaged during work, and enable the wheels to tuck in closely to the chassis for improved turning and manoeuvrability.

Hydraulic system options enhance versatility and performance

For mid-mounted hydraulically-driven implements such as pruning equipment, new Quantum options include a revised, more compact mid-mount valve block which is better integrated and provide easier and faster coupling. Users who wish to expand the versatility of their tractors can now specify an integrated front linkage and PTO option, the 2600kg lift capacity is referring to the rear linkage. There is also a 82litres/minute hydraulic pump option on new Quantum models, to cater for implements with a high oil flow requirement. 

Cab comfort boosted by control and ventilation enhancements 

Operators of cabbed Quantums will appreciate the optional switchable air filtration system. Where optional Level 4 filtration is specified to remove crop protection spray particles from the incoming air, this new and unique system can be switched between Level 4 and Level 2 filtration (which is designed for dust extraction only) to prolong Level 4 filter life when spraying is not taking place.

Hydraulic remote levers have been redesigned to ease operation and improve operator space, and there is a new tilt/telescope steering column to enable a comfortable working position to be easily found, plus a new analogue/electronic dashboard to make essential engine information easier to read. At floor level, a significantly reduced transmission tunnel size helps to improve operator comfort.

Engine updates create cleaner, more responsive power units

The latest 3.4-litre engines, from Case IH partner firm FPT Industrial, power the new Quantum models, meeting Stage IIIB emissions regulations via the use of cooled exhaust gas recirculation (CEGR) and a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC). Oil change interval is 600 hours.

A new Electronic Engine Speed Control provides two engine speed settings and improved engine rpm response, for an instant reaction when the tractor is required to maintain power, speed and/or PTO output when on uphill slopes, for example. Transmission options comprise a 16F/16R synchro shuttle, a 16F/16R power shuttle, and a 32F/16R power shuttle with two-speed power shift.

St. Valentin, 26 February 2016