• 10-NOV-2013

More efficient harvesting – Case IH presents new 3050 VariCut header



Working width increased to 12.5m / One-piece reel allows for optimum field of vision / Case IH Field Tracker with four sensors provides perfect ground-hugging / Ideal header for Controlled Traffic Farming (CTF).

Following the trend towards ever-larger working widths, and in order to make optimum use of the high threshing capacities of the latest Axial-Flow combine models, Case IH is to extend the proven VariCut 3050 header series for the 2014 growing season, with a new 12.5 metre now topping out the range.

“This new header offers the opportunity to make better use of the high threshing capacity of the latest Case IH combines and further increase harvesting efficiency”, explains August von Eckardstein, Product Marketing Manager Harvesting Technology at Case IH Europe.

“Furthermore, this new 12.5m VariCut header offers the optimum working width for Controlled Traffic Farming systems based on 12 metre widths, which are becoming increasingly popular on larger farms across Europe.”

New technologies

“The new header features several new developments and innovative technologies. In addition to the rugged frame and the double floor design, a one-piece reel is used. This allows for an optimum field of vision, even with such a large working width”, explains von Eckardstein.

Short or long grain dividers, as well as side-knives for oilseed rape, are available as options. Header knife position can be adjusted within a 57cm range, allowing for optimum adaptation to different crop situations, and the hydraulically-driven reel can be operated above or below the level of the knife, with a patented reel protection system avoiding contacts between reel and knife, particularly during knife extension or retraction. Without using tools, the angle of the reel tines can easily be adjusted from the side of the header. All these VariCut features are designed to ensure that the engine and the threshing and cleaning systems – and hence the combine as a whole – operate at full capacity and efficiency.

“Optimum protection of the auger is achieved through a centre mounted support assembly. With the huge volumes of crops we must also ensure we optimise the crop flow as it transi-tions from the auger to the intake elevator”, says von Eckardstein. “Our split auger design ensures this happens. In order to reduce power consumption and balance the header, the knife is separated in two halves, one being driven from the left and the other from the right, thus re-ducing the strain on the cutter bar and enhancing reliability.”

New material for optimised crop flow

Auger retracting tine guides are now made of high-strength polyethylene, with improved wear-resistance properties and new geometry, for prolonged replacement intervals. Case IH engi-neers have also improved the Field Tracker system, with four sensors now providing enhanced ground hugging on hillsides and in uneven fields.

Detailed technical solution

“The new header not only optimises the throughput of our Axial-Flow combines, but also opens new pathways to more sustainability and improved soil protection, not least from fewer field passes, shortened turnaround time and – in conjunction with the track systems available for the front axles of Case IH Axial-Flow combines – markedly lower soil pressure”, concludes August von Eckardstein.

Hannover, November 10, 2013