• 07-MAR-2016

CNH Industrial joins ADC initiative to put U.S. farmers in control of their data


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CNH Industrial (NYSE: CNHI /MI: CNHI) announces its role as a founding member of the Agricultural Data Coalition (ADC). This new initiative is dedicated to helping farmers to better control, manage and maximize the value of the data they collect every day in the fields. It is the result of years of planning and coordination by the American Farm Bureau Federation, Auburn University, Crop IMS, The Ohio State University, Mississippi State University and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln together with private sector companies including CNH Industrial.

ADC’s goal is to build a national online repository where farmers can securely store and control the information collected by their tractors, harvesters, aerial drones and other devices. Over time, that data can then be scrubbed, synced and transmitted in an efficient and uniform way to third parties — whether they are researchers, crop insurance agents, government officials, farm managers, input providers or any trusted advisor the farmer chooses.

“CNH Industrial is proud to be a partner in the Agricultural Data Coalition. This partnership is further evidence of our dedication to growers and their data ownership. We believe that this initiative will enable growers and their trusted advisors opportunities to continually expand the value which can be extracted from agronomic data,” said David Larson, Vice President, Product Portfolio Planning at CNH Industrial.

​Burr Ridge, March 7, 2016