• 31-JUL-2015

CNH Industrial named as one of Brazil’s 100 most innovative companies


Valor Economico Brazil Innovation Award

Valor Econômico, one of Brazil’s leading financial newspapers, issued its list of the country’s 100 most innovative companies. CNH Industrial made the top five in the Capital Assets category and placed 30 out of 100 in the general ranking. This achievement confirms the Company’s leadership in the field of new technologies, as it continues to pioneer projects across all of its operational segments.

CNH Industrial N.V. (NYSE: CNHI / MI: CNHI) has been included in the prestigious annual ranking of Brazil’s 100 most innovative companies. The list is compiled by prominent financial publication Valor Econômico. The Company came in 30th and ranked in the top five in the Capital Assets category, a sector that is seen to be among those investing the most in the country.

All companies considered for ranking account for revenues that exceed R$750 million Brazilian Real (around $230 million USD). They were judged according to four main criteria: intention to innovate, effort to innovate, obtained results and market assessment. The companies that made the final cut were all found to have generated the most value through new products, processes, business models and services.

“True innovation meets customer expectations. To that end, CNH Industrial has six Research and Development centres and over 400 dedicated engineers in Latin America. We work every day to further improve our equipment, and we are always seeking to innovate, increase productivity, and optimise costs,” commented Carlos Visconti, Product Research and Development Manager for Latin America, at the awards event held in São Paulo.

CNH Industrial is proud to be included amongst this group of forward-thinking corporations. This achievement stands as a testimony to its commitment to excellence in innovation and the success of its investment in Brazil. The Company takes an in-depth approach to innovation which includes the on-going study of current market situations, the identifying the trends, strong customer relationships, and dialogue with its partners and suppliers.

CNH Industrial actively engages with a number of academic institutions and associations in Brazil to promote further research. These partnerships have been fundamental in the launch of new products. A new eucalyptus harvester, based on a New Holland Agriculture forage harvester, that can reduce harvesting costs by up to 50%, was the result of the partnership with the Estadual Paulista (UNESP). This partnership also enabled further advances for the industry-leading Case IH coffee harvester.

Furthermore, CNH Industrial, in partnership with the Centre for Sugarcane Technology, has developed a large square baler which can bale sugarcane stover. These bales are subsequently used to generate power or second-generation ethanol production. CNH Industrial and Iveco are also studying new technologies for the bus segment with the Universidade Federal of Minas Gerais (UFMG).

Although innovation is an important part of the Company’s work, the primary objective of CNH Industrial’s 12 brands is to provide their customers with efficient, sustainable, long-lasting, and viable equipment.

London, July 31, 2015