• 13-JUN-2014

CNH Industrial is the main sponsor of the ‘Dinner with Africa’ project by the Venice Hub of the Global Shapers Community


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During the event, the Group presented its TechPro2 initiative, an innovative training programme that unites education with the professional trade.

CNH Industrial is supporting ‘Dinner with Africa’, a fundraiser hosted by the Venice Hub, the local chapter of the Global Shapers Community, for “Mothers and Children First’, a Doctors with Africa Cuamm project.

The event is organised by the Global Shapers Community, a network of hubs located in over 300 cities worldwide. Led by over 3,500 young people ages 20 to 30, who come from different backgrounds, the Global Shapers Community is considered to be one of most important flagship projects of the World Economic Forum, an international organisation which regularly unites political and business figures from across the globe to discuss and define future policies.

The "Dinner with Africa" initiative aims to raise funds for the Doctors with Africa Cuamm association, particularly for its "Mothers and Children First" project which is committed to ensuring free access to safe childbirth and infant care in four African countries: Angola, Ethiopia, Uganda and Tanzania.

As a Main Sponsor of the event, CNH Industrial is presenting its TechPro2 project, an innovative model that unites education with the professional trade.

The TechPro2 project was first launched in 2008 in collaboration between Fiat Group Automobiles S.p.A. and the CNOS-FAP Federation (The National Centre for Salesian Projects - Professional Training). It is a professional development programme designed to recruit young people and provide them with highly technical training, qualifying them for professional placement in the automotive sector.

In 2011, CNH Industrial also became involved with the initiative, introducing a programme specifically dedicated to commercial vehicles. Originating in Italy, the TechPro2 project was later launched in Brazil in 2012 and then in Ethiopia. The Salesian School of Belém held professional courses on vehicle and engine repair for 20 young students in order to facilitate their entry into the local jobs market.

The nine month programme currently underway in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia also involves 20 young trainees who will graduate as “repair technicians”, a highly specialised profession in the mechatronics field. Each graduate will receive a certificate that has been officially endorsed by the Ethiopian Government, providing them with an important competitive advantage for employment opportunities.

With TechPro2, CNH Industrial has developed a relationship between schools (particularly Salesian schools) and the commercial vehicles sector (represented by the Group and its dealer network). The strong partnership between CNH Industrial and the Salesians has been fostered over many years. This mutual cooperation takes advantage of the combined global presence of both parties and the Salesians’ established experience in the field of education.

Within the scope of the TechPro2 programme, CNH Industrial provides its industry know-how through technical training conducted by the Salesians: experts from CNH Industrial coach local Salesian instructors, who in turn train students. In addition to providing financial support, all of the required tools for classroom training are also provided such as vehicles for practical exercises and essential components such as engines, transmissions and repair tools.

CNH Industrial in Africa. The significant growth in population in Africa and the consequent need for further mechanisation and rising infrastructure spending to feed, house and transport this growing population has created increasing demand on the capital goods sector. From production to an ever-evolving local dealer network, CNH Industrial is present throughout the African continent with many of its construction, agriculture and commercial vehicles brands. The Group currently has over 90 local dealers and is currently in the process of developing a manufacturing site in Rosslyn, Pretoria, South Africa for the production of trucks and buses. Its completion is expected for later this year.

Basildon, June 13, 2014