• 29-JUN-2017

The role of Biogas in the European energy transition: the latest Top Stories installment on CNHIndustrial.com


The role of Biogas in the European energy transition
Secure, sustainable, low-emitting, Biogas is an ally in the energy transition and the decarbonization of transportation both on- and off-road. Read about how this renewable alternative fuel is changing the way we look at the economy of energy in the latest installment from CNHIndustrial.com’s Top Stories: cnhindustrial.com/Biogas

The fight against climate change has become an integral part of the international political agenda following the enforcement of the Paris Agreement. Consequently, it is now at the center of an international political debate. In order to achieve the goals under the agreement, it will be necessary to further reduce emissions in the energy, transportation and construction sectors, as well as throughout the industrial sector. Generating energy from renewable sources and achieving energy efficiency appear to be the way forward.

The role of Biogas in the European energy transition”, the latest Top Stories installment on CNHIndustrial.com​ authored by environmental journalist Rudi Bressa, examines how Biogas will play a decisive role in decarbonizing the energy economy.

Bressa’s piece breaks down the significance and uses of biogas, examines case studies in Italy and Germany and features insightful interviews on the topic at hand with Jan Štambaský, President of the EBA (European Biogas Association), Andrea Gerini, Secretary General of the NGVA (European Natural & Bio Gas Vehicle Association) and Piero Gattoni, the President of the Italian Biogas Consortium (CIB – Consorzio Italiano Biogas).

Biomethane produced from Biogas exemplifies the concept of a circular economy as it involves using waste and refuse from conventional production processes to obtain further benefits— in this case a sustainable fuel — and thereby avoids wasting both materials and energy.

Read the full story at: cnhindustrial.com/Biogas

London, June 29, 2017