• 12-NOV-2013

Clean Energy Leader®: sustainable, efficient technology for modern agriculture


  • Clean Energy Leader® strategy: reflecting agricultural reality
  • Working prototype T6.140 Methane Power tractor: powered from energy produced on the farm
  • Key contribution to the sector-leading company in the Dow Jones Sustainability World and Europe Indices
  • New Clean Energy Leader® website: the go-to place for sustainable farming information

New Holland’s Clean Energy Leader® strategy perfectly reflects modern agriculture. Since 2006, this commitment has been the driver for the development of numerous pioneering initiatives, built, created, shaped around the needs of farmers themselves, the machinery they use and the impact this has on the final consumers of their products, the world’s population. It is a belief which characterises everything New Holland does, and is enrooted in every factory, office and product. The overarching aims of the Clean Energy Leader® programme encompass helping farmers achieve energy independence, increasing their production efficiency, improving the sustainability of their agribusinesses and it also underpins New Holland’s ‘committed company’ ethos. 

“At Agritechnica farmers will experience New Holland’s latest products and Innovative ideas, which will help them to improve the efficiency and sustainability of their farms, both in terms of the machinery they use and the state-of-the-art agricultural solutions on offer.” Stated Carlo Lambro, Brand President New Holland Agriculture. “This will enable them to do more with less, and this is our vision for the future of agriculture.”

Working prototype T6.140 Methane Power tractor: powered from energy produced on the farm

New Holland will unveil a prototype T6.140 Methane Power tractor at Agritechnica. This tractor represents a key step in achieving New Holland’s goal of Energy Independent Farming, and has entered service at the La Bellotta Farm, outside Turin, Italy.

The methane is generated through renewable biomass produced in the biogas plant available on the farm. The T6.140 Methane Power, enjoys all of the features of a standard tractor and is equipped with a four cylinder, three litre engine produced by FPT Industrial, and develops a maximum power of 135hp and 620Nm  torque.

The compressed methane is stored in nine tanks. The 50kg capacity delivers approximately half a day of autonomy during normal operation, and an auxiliary 15 litre fuel tank provides a backup in case of need. These tanks have been perfectly integrated into the overall design, and the tractor maintains the same visibility and operational ground clearance as standard models. Methane propulsion technology offers numerous environmental advantages including emissions 80% lower than a standard diesel engine. The tractor’s three-way catalyst ensures Tier 4B compliance on its own, without the need for additional after-treatment systems. When using bio-methane, the machine’s carbon impact is virtually zero, and cost savings between 25% and 40% can be achieved when compared with conventional fuels.

Key contribution to CNH Industrial’s position as the sector-leader in the Dow Jones Sustainability World and Europe Indices

Through its Clean Energy Leader® programme, New Holland Agriculture played a fundamental role in CNH Industrial being recognised as the sector-leading company in the Dow Jones Sustainability World and Europe Indices.  For the third consecutive year CNH Industrial has topped the index, with the best-in-class environmental dimension ranking. New Holland, which is committed to enhancing the sustainability of agriculture, has made significant investment to reduce the environmental impact of its production facilities through advanced energy and water management. Furthermore, key components in this programme include reducing waste through remanufacturing and mitigating the environmental impact of its plants by participating in biodiversity and conservation projects around the world.

New Clean Energy Leader®  website: the go-to place for sustainable farming information

The Clean Energy Leader® programme has been evolved to perfectly mirror modern farmers’ needs, and the four central principles of growing energy, efficient productivity, sustainable farming and committed company provide the framework for the new and fully interactive website.

The website, which has been optimised also for navigation on mobile devices, enables farmers to conveniently access all information while they are working in their field. Users can navigate each section, discover new multimedia contents and be always up to date following the latest information and developments in the farming sector, thanks to the many social media feeds.

Visit the new Clean Energy Leader® website on  www.thecleanenergyleader.com  to find out more.

​12 November 2013