• 11-NOV-2014

Factory-to-farm experience puts New Holland top of farmer’s shopping list



First-time New Holland customer Ben Elderton was so impressed by the factory-to-farm experience of buying his new T6.150 Electro Command™ that the blue brand is now at the top of his machinery shopping list.

Ben (24) is manager of Glebe Farm in Earls Barton, near Northampton, and his purchase from the local Turney Group dealership included a special-guest visit to New Holland’s flagship tractor plant in Basildon which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.

The farm has been in his family for four generations and includes 80 hectares of arable plus another eight hectares of vegetables to supply the thriving farm shop.

For Ben, the T6.150 was the right choice selection for a perfect combination of reasons: power, fuel efficiency, adaptability, nimble, size, weight, and tyre choice.

After five months of reliable operation, he explained: “I had been looking for a tractor that could cover all our spraying and spreading jobs all year round while still doing the cultivation and drilling. It does just about everything.

“With 150 horsepower and four cylinders, I have got a short wheel base and good maneuverability and it’s light too – light as a feather.”

Making Ben’s life even easier is the Electro Command™ option of semi-powershift transmission which allows operators to select eight gear speeds via up and downshift buttons on the control lever.

Ben said: “It’s a very simple piece of kit with the Electro Command™ gearbox. We have got the benefit of the power shift and automatic functions. It’s very simple for drivers to just jump on and go.”

A variety of tyre options combine with the size of the T6.150 to create the perfect size-match for Ben’s drilling and cultivating operations.

He said: “Getting the tractor set up with the rather unusual combination of 12in dual rear wheels and single 22in or 11in fronts is one of the best things I’ve done.

“It is a perfect row crop tractor with plenty of power from the four-cylinder engine block, which gives a short wheelbase and great maneuverability, while the dual wheels allow me to change very quickly to a low ground pressure setup with very impressive grip for such a light tractor.”

He continued: “The choice was partly about fuel efficiency. I didn’t want to get stuck with a tractor that was compromised on performance to improve emissions. That’s what I spent the money on – to get the best result. That was really key.

“In fact, I’m using half the fuel on some of the jobs; I get through a litre of fuel a hectare on the spraying and spreading. I am pretty impressed with that and we get a lot of work done on a tank.

“The engine management is brilliant in terms of power delivery and everything else. You have got plenty of torque at any engine speed.”

Ben was equally impressed with his trip to New Holland’s Basildon tractor factory, which is marking its Golden Jubilee and where more than 1.6 million British-made machines have rolled off the now two-kilometre production line.

“The visit was very interesting,” he said. “It’s remarkable how many different tractors are made in one place and how many options there were. I was impressed how organized and compact the production line is and how easy it made it look to produce so many different tractors all at once.

“It’s nice to know that we have got a company that is based in our country for parts and support. For me, it basically comes down to local dealer support, with New Holland.”

Ben has his eye next on a T6.175 which honours the range’s tradition of a variety of specifications including variable roof heights, transmission options, AdBlue technology to reduce pollution and increase efficiency.

Jim Pearson, Area Manager for Turney Fieldforce, said: “I’m so glad Ben’s T6.150 Electro Command is more than meeting its promise – it’s a brilliant tractor. He looked at a lot of different options and this one ticked all the boxes.

“It’s also really good to see that our service and support were part of what brought Ben to New Holland. The tractor’s wide range of abilities is crucial but for busy farmers that fast and expert back-up can be just as important.”