• 24-FEB-2013

New Holland incorporates Conservation Agriculture within the Clean Energy Leader Strategy


  • Conservation agriculture improves soil quality
  • No-till farming enhances profitability
  • PS2045 no-till drill with pneumatic distribution: flexible and efficient drilling
  • PS2030 drill: customisable drilling performance to suit individual farming needs

New Holland is at the forefront of the sustainable farming agenda with its industry-leading Clean Energy Leader strategy and is incorporating the Conservation Agriculture strand which strives to decrease the environmental effects of agricultural practices.

“Conservation Agriculture not only helps farmers improve their profits, it also improves the environment in which they work, in particular the soils’ structure, that’s why we’ve placed it at the heart of our Clean Energy Leader strategy.” Stated Franco Fusignani, Brand President New Holland Agriculture. “Here in Paris we are previewing new no-till drills to promote this growing agricultural concept, which will bring considerable benefits to European farming.”  

Conservation agriculture improves soil quality

New Holland has been agribusinesses sustainable farming partner since 2006 when it first promoted the introduction of 100% biodiesel. Since then, it has become the leader in this segment and 2013 sees the introduction of the Conservation Agriculture element in Europe, alongside the established Carbon Footprint and ECOBraud strands. Conservation Agriculture is already a wide spread practice in Brazil where it has been promoted since 2012 with the launch of a full range of New Holland no-till planters.

Conservation agriculture is governed by four key principles.  Firstly, ensuring minimum mechanical soil disturbance through direct seeding maintains minerals within the soil, stopping erosion, and preventing water loss from occurring within the soil. Secondly this creates a permanent organic soil cover to allow the natural growth of organisms within the soil structure. The third principle is the practice of crop diversification that naturally reduces the impact of pests and increases the quality of organic matter in the soil. As a result, agribusinesses achieve a more sustainable management of farm inputs such as fertilizer and sprays to diminish over-application and as a consequence enhancing profitability. 

New Holland already offers a range of products to assist farmers in Conservation Agricultural practices. These include high horsepower tractors which feature ECOBlue™ SCR technology for Tier 4A compliance, which significantly reduce fuel bills and farms’ carbon footprints. The T6 and T7 tractor ranges help to reduce compaction in the field thanks to excellent power-to-weight ratios. The optional SmartTrax™ rubber tracks on the CR combine further reduce soil compaction. The Opti-Spread™ system on the CR range of combines guarantees a wide spread of finely chopped residue, which produces a uniform mulch; ideal for no-till operations. Advanced PLM solutions, including IntelliSteer™ fully integrated guidance, guarantee year-on-year accuracy to within 1-2cm to ensure optimal field coverage. Furthermore, using controlled traffic technology, and in conjunction with advanced PLM™ Software, agribusinesses can manage all field passes to ensure uniform coverage and reduced soil compaction. IntelliRate™ control technology further enhances spraying precision with independently controlled boom sections to prevent yield-impacting under laps and wasteful overlaps.

No-till farming enhances profitability

No-till farming underpins conservation agriculture and farms on which no-till agriculture is practiced have experienced multiple benefits including reduced fuel bills and labour costs due to one pass farming, which has also significantly reduced in-field compaction and has subsequently enhanced yields. Germination rates have also increased due to healthier soils, which have again boosted yields. Furthermore, soil health is further maintained, as the constant soil coverage combats erosion. When used in conjunction with advanced PLM™ software, inputs and field passes can be further optimised.

PS2045 no-till drill: flexible and efficient drilling

The PS2045, 26-row, 4.5 metre no-till drill with pneumatic distribution offers precision seeding and fertilizing for medium to large scale farmers and contractors. The flexible configuration allows operations to choose between a seed-only drill, for enhanced seeding autonomy or a dual-seed and fertilizer configuration for true one-pass farming. Flexibility is maintained, as the operator can position the moveable division plate to regulate the ratio of seed and fertilizer and during working, a transparent section enables fertilizer levels to be continually monitored. Patented precision feed and fertilizer distribution systems ensure accurate input placement.

The seed delivery components always maintain full contact with the field, even in undulating terrain, thanks to the advanced floatation technology of the furrow openers and drive wheels.

An anti-bounce system with an integral internal deflector holds the seed in the bottom of the trench, and when combined with the patented pressing wheel, the trench is effectively closed to prevent air-pinning. This ensures optimal seed-to-soil contact for enhanced germination rates.

The PS2045 drill has been designed to improve overall farming efficiency. The reduced number of elements which are in contact with the soil help to prevent productivity impacting clogging. It also reduces the tractor power required to activate the implement, increasing fuel savings. Moreover, the robust chassis and simple maintenance mean reduced downtime.

PS2030 drill: customisable drilling performance to suit individual farming needs

The PS2030 is a 17-row no till drill with a working width of three metres, making it the perfect choice for medium scale farmers and contractors. The PS2030 offers outstanding operational versatility and guarantees high precision sowing of small-grains.

A dedicated seed box accurately meters grass seed, small grains and oil-crop seeds such as oil-seed rape. This enables customers to accurately control the rate of application for optimal germination when working in different soils.

The PS2030 maintains uniform seeding in uneven terrain courtesy of the outstanding floatation technology. Heavy duty double discs enable efficient furrow opening, and optimal trench closing technology ensures seeds and fertilizer are efficiently placed in the ground. 

The PS2030’s robust design, when combined with its ease of operation and low maintenance costs, make it the perfect choice for operations which work on varied terrain and with a variety of different crops.

The PS2030 no-till drill is on display on the New Holland Stand in Hall 3 at the SIMA International Exhibition. 

​24 February 2013